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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Fool me twice, shame on me...

Never fearing to dabble, I stuck my neck out and tried the paid autosurf industry. My conclusion is...there's no substitute for effort! It seems the people who run the autosurfs are all extremely low conscious people. Notice I didn't say "low conscious" but EXTREMELY low conscious. And that's not a typo. Some of them might have a conscience, but it's definitely asleep, hence, "low conscious".

I can't wait for the government to put Charis Johnson of 12DailyPRO on a skewer and roast her in front of the world. If Steve Girsky and Stormpay were partner, also, then onto the coals they go, too. It seems these kinds of people consider you to be nothing more than a cow or a sheep. The autosurf customer service is virtually absent, their forums are almost always staffed with moderators who, tasting a bit of power for the first time in their lives, start to act like a small-town version of Saddam Hussein.

If you're upset, your posts get deleted, or edited, and eventually, you could lose your autosurf account. In other words, "if admin screws up, then send an email to their already crappy customer service and suffer what you get. Otherwise, if you complain in the forums, we'll cancel your account even if you brought us dozens of referrals. In fact, we would prefer to cancel your account if you brought in dozens of referrals. More money for us and no more dissent from you. Thank you for surfing!"

So here's what the front page of the Engage Surf website looks like right now:

That's right! Nothing to worry about! "Just sit tight and we'll be in touch with ya shortly!" What a joke! And to what DEPTHS have I sunk when I, having an IQ of freakish proportions, find myself being quoted CICERO by a 3rd-world autosurf scam artist! Oh the IRONY! THE IRONY!

Alright folks, that's 2 strikes against the autosurf industry. Phoenix Surf either makes it or breaks it as far as my willingness to experiment with hyips goes. Yet Phoenix Surf is already off to a rather odd start. They said that they were APPROVED by legal counsel as being a LEGAL business. But when one of the users asked for some kind of proof of this approval, he was rebuked with the excuse that they didn't want 1000s of crazy people calling the attorney with stupid questions (lovely opinion of their members, huh?).

Then one rather astute forum member made a very intelligent remark. He said, "Why not have the lawyer set up a 900 number that charges their hourly fee so that it will limit the frivolous calls?" Well, let me just warn ya right now...NEVER GET INTELLIGENT ON AN AUTOSURF FORUM MODERATORS! You'd have a much better reaction trying to open up multiple accounts or violating some other portion of their TOS.

You have to remember. Autosurfs don't pick moderators because of their stellar customer service skills. They pick them because those biatches have no lives and will gladly function as a beatstick on the poor, unsuspecting, jaded autosurfers, in order to hide that fact from themselves.

Alright, nuff said here. If you're a "what the heck!" kind of person and don't mind getting your nads kicked in one more time, (See: "Kick Me In the Balls Stormpay, Please?" ) head on over to phoenix surf and place your bets with yet another group of "fleece" dealers - except this time, these fleece dealers are dressed in suits and ties.


Sam Freedom
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Just Another Guru said...


Went to the site & what do I see, but "...Autosurf Investigators Seal of Authenticity"...? Uh, so the autosurf industry is "self-regulating"...?

And so the unsuspecting hyip-auto-surfer exclaims "Oh wow, this must be legit!"

I never want to get it in the nads "one more time"!

Must say "Sam", funny post!

All's well that ends well...

Phillipa said...

Really Sam,

What next?

Thank you for reminding me of the ever increasing decline of moral ethics in the business world.

Or is there such a thing as fair play?

How relieved I am not a player in this sphere. One really has to have the stomach for it.

Thunderous applause from the peanut gallery.

Safe Journey,

Scott McGavern said...

Yeah, Sam, I hear you!

the autosurf "industry" (and I use that word as LOOSELY as is possible in this connation) sucks!

I've never had ANY luck with ANY of those programs. Jokers, they are; and the jokes on us...

I've NEVER laughed upon being nad-struck. I guess it's funny if one is the observer of such an incident, but NOT as a participant.


Sorry Sam.

The Hostile Redneck said...

Hello Sam and Bloggers,

As I sit here reading about this, I can barely contain my desire to say " I told ya so! " Guess I did just say it aloud here too.

While I am no where near the brightest bulb here, I have gained a great disrespect for purveyors of BS and their seemingly unending streams of followers and gullible folks. Even highly intelligent folks like yourself seem to get caught by the promise of getting something for nothing or very little effort. What about all those folks that you referred to the program that are way less fortunate than yourself? Why would they listen to your recommendations in the future?

Your reputation is at stake everytime you suggest that someone follow your lead.

But your followers may not have had a family business with a big windfall to fall back on and their loss is more devastating than your own losses. As you gamble with money that you have deemed losable, just as if you were playing craps in Las Vegas.

I have seen a whole bushel of doublers, triplers and variations of them. The folks that run these programs must have no soul they wish to be saved and they must never sleep well. At least I couldn't if I were in their shoes.

One thing I know for sure though is that I have presented you on many occasions a program that allows me to earn $100 to $400 per month additional income, just for saving and compiling my receipts for purchases that I make every month. You have yet to either investigate or endorse or give your impression of the value this program has.

I now challenge you to do that, and turn your readers and supporters onto a real opportunity with no risk! The program has a 3 year track record offering a 5% return on money that has already been spent and would have been lost until now.

The company chosen to share this program with you has a 2 1/2 year track record of paying on time and providing outstanding benefits and consistently offers members more ways to save and earn more on their monthly investment.

Sam you consistently challenge the purveyors of BS. As in your recent post here

Now I am challenging you publicly to do such an expose no matter how opinionated you may be of my favorite program I will happily accept your witty report which I am sure will appear on one of your blog posts. Are you up to it?

I think you are. Therefore I request that you do your due diligence and attend a conference call, get deep into the information provided on the websites, and be sure to gain access to all the features and benefits by becoming at the very least a Free Tour taker.

Sam take the challenge and formulate your opinion and post them publicly. To take this challenge Start Here

Jim Allen III

Sam Freedom said...

Jim, you have something of a psychopathic determination to portray yourself as a champion versus bs everywhere and then turn the attention to something you're involved with as if desperately seeking validation of both aspects of yourself.

I wrote that article not as if I were surprised. I perform my experiments as needed so that I can speak with the weight of experience and not just opinion. I wanted to gauge the extent of the industry so that I can say, authoritatively, what's going on.

I could be like anyone else and say, "oh these are great" or "oh these suck." but I prefer to understand why, and as for the insinuation that there's something wrong with leading people into these things, you need to think about that again.

Most people were in for $10 - and most, if not all, were already players. Anyone who was in for more was already in for much, much more elsewhere so your comments are exactly the kind I seek to avoid giving. They're like saying, "Poker tournaments are a losers game because out of the 10,000 people who enter $10,000 only 10 win."

You're assuming that poker players are less blinded by the glory to win than hyip or autosurfers are by their desire for higher returns on their investments. It's a gamble, and pretty much everyone knows it.

My article has more to do with the lack of consideration the people behind these companies have and there's also an element of dark humor in the post, too. But you really need to stop trying to hijacking everything with your brand of "See I was right, now look at me!" marketing.

No one goes for that, Jim. Maybe a few, but not really. These posts and this blog was an experiment and I had the interest, ability and courage to perform it almost live in front of everyone.

Just go look at the posts. It's a show. Have fun, or did you forget what an important component that was. If anyone should be complaining about losses, it's me. But money can always be earned. It's external consideration and sincerity that are in low supply in the world and are difficult to supply so the topic is about that.

Focus on that aspect of it. These post are a call to higher consciousness, not a rant about some offshore native raking in thousands of dollars ten bucks at a time.


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