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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Epic Intelligent Debate - Is Paid Autosurf, Like 12DailyPRO, A Scam?

STOP! This is an EXCELLENT debate about the value and validity of paid autosurf such as the now defunct Stormpay victim, 12DailyPRO, and the golden new kid on the block, Phoenix Surf. I make a genuine effort to think up, down, left and right in these matters in order to make my case as clearly and soundly as possible. This debate is culled from a message thread I started in a forum you'll find by clicking HERE. That'll show you the forum main page which is not easy to get to from the messages. First visit that link to see the main page, and then HERE you'll find the actual message thread.


Finally, Truth in Advertising Reaches Paid Autosurf! Must See!

Ain't it true? That sometimes you just wanna hear the unabashed truth no matter how unpleasant it might be? Really? Doesn't the truth really set us free? Have a distinct ring that liberates rather than enslaves? We all knew 12DailyPRO had the word PONZI written all over it, and NETIBA (3rd party verification) was like in the basement of Stormpay's office (lol!), but since a sustainable business was viable, we chose to ignore the obvious.

Well, here's the FIRST time I've ever heard the kind of truth that *I* enjoy...! Make sure your mouth is free of liquid or anything that could go up your nose if you laugh.

ps. Phoenix Surf, running FAST and STRONG!