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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Epic Intelligent Debate - Is Paid Autosurf, Like 12DailyPRO, A Scam?

STOP! This is an EXCELLENT debate about the value and validity of paid autosurf such as the now defunct Stormpay victim, 12DailyPRO, and the golden new kid on the block, Phoenix Surf. I make a genuine effort to think up, down, left and right in these matters in order to make my case as clearly and soundly as possible. This debate is culled from a message thread I started in a forum you'll find by clicking HERE. That'll show you the forum main page which is not easy to get to from the messages. First visit that link to see the main page, and then HERE you'll find the actual message thread.



panasianbiz said...

I don't know about autosurfs. Yes, 12DailyPro was taken down largely due to StormPay's actions, but I tend to believe that it was due to collapse at any time anyway. StormPay just hastened everything.

Lethal_1 said...

Hey ... Sam Freedom ...

U seriously need to UPDATE your Blog dude.!!

As for 12DailyPro ... She's just another BITCH in the system.!! - ALL Autosurfs, no matter WHO they are, R ALL SCAMS.!! - Please don't give me this BS that "this one is different" because THAT-ONE will also FAIL.!! - "OHHH, but they have multiple streams of income", *cough*, BULLSHIT, that's another LIE.!! - They have no other income streams.!!
- I've only been doing this for 12-months, & NOT 1 SITE, has made a profit for me, NOT ONE.!! - WHY.?? - Because they're ALL SCAMS.!!

Btw:- Hey Charis, 6-months is up now, Where's My REFUND.?? - Hmmm.??

Now I realize how stupid I was in thinking this was a good way to earn "Any Income", but U soon wake-up that ALL these Autosurfs/Manualsurfs, whatever, are a bunch of LIARS, CHEATS & SCAMMERS, all posing as advertising solutions, R really just dressed up PONZI'S.!!

The sooner 'other-people' realize the FRAUD this industry REALLY IS, the sooner U can forget about this CRAP & get on with your life WITHOUT these Autosurf BULLSHIT-ARTISTS.!!! - Continue to dabble in their deceit, the more U will LOSE.!!
- That's A FACT.!!

How much longer do U wanna keep losing money to scammers B4 U actually stop doing this.?? - Hmmmm.??

Take Care & Stay Safe ... Cheer's.!!

Sam Freedom said...

Yes, I do need to update this site, thank you. We are BOTH right, however. In one of my earliest posts, I simply made the case for a "sustainable autosurf." The fact that we know of no persons or organizations that are ethical enough to employ the concept I'd suggested does not mean it cannot be sustained.

In short, it has to be a 2-stage operation. The first stage is to take $1M that would normally go into ultra mainstream forms of advertising and, instead, pay individuals to watch each others advertisements.

Sounds a little weird and definitely spooky at first. But what that does is build up a HUGE list of people who are now quite motivated and wanting to earn more.

Then you open the SECOND business which is pure advertising, a high quality traffic exchange by incentivizing the people from STAGE ONE to become an army of affiliates who will then earn RESIDUAL income on anyone they get to be a monthly member in the new traffic exchange.

That's a simplification of it but that's how it would work... if it weren't for the almost addictive nature of HYIP/Autosurf, this idea would not be plausible.

If you still don't follow this, don't deny it, just ask me to better explain something you don't understand or some specific point with which you disagree.

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