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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Fool me twice, shame on me...

Never fearing to dabble, I stuck my neck out and tried the paid autosurf industry. My conclusion is...there's no substitute for effort! It seems the people who run the autosurfs are all extremely low conscious people. Notice I didn't say "low conscious" but EXTREMELY low conscious. And that's not a typo. Some of them might have a conscience, but it's definitely asleep, hence, "low conscious".

I can't wait for the government to put Charis Johnson of 12DailyPRO on a skewer and roast her in front of the world. If Steve Girsky and Stormpay were partner, also, then onto the coals they go, too. It seems these kinds of people consider you to be nothing more than a cow or a sheep. The autosurf customer service is virtually absent, their forums are almost always staffed with moderators who, tasting a bit of power for the first time in their lives, start to act like a small-town version of Saddam Hussein.

If you're upset, your posts get deleted, or edited, and eventually, you could lose your autosurf account. In other words, "if admin screws up, then send an email to their already crappy customer service and suffer what you get. Otherwise, if you complain in the forums, we'll cancel your account even if you brought us dozens of referrals. In fact, we would prefer to cancel your account if you brought in dozens of referrals. More money for us and no more dissent from you. Thank you for surfing!"

So here's what the front page of the Engage Surf website looks like right now:

That's right! Nothing to worry about! "Just sit tight and we'll be in touch with ya shortly!" What a joke! And to what DEPTHS have I sunk when I, having an IQ of freakish proportions, find myself being quoted CICERO by a 3rd-world autosurf scam artist! Oh the IRONY! THE IRONY!

Alright folks, that's 2 strikes against the autosurf industry. Phoenix Surf either makes it or breaks it as far as my willingness to experiment with hyips goes. Yet Phoenix Surf is already off to a rather odd start. They said that they were APPROVED by legal counsel as being a LEGAL business. But when one of the users asked for some kind of proof of this approval, he was rebuked with the excuse that they didn't want 1000s of crazy people calling the attorney with stupid questions (lovely opinion of their members, huh?).

Then one rather astute forum member made a very intelligent remark. He said, "Why not have the lawyer set up a 900 number that charges their hourly fee so that it will limit the frivolous calls?" Well, let me just warn ya right now...NEVER GET INTELLIGENT ON AN AUTOSURF FORUM MODERATORS! You'd have a much better reaction trying to open up multiple accounts or violating some other portion of their TOS.

You have to remember. Autosurfs don't pick moderators because of their stellar customer service skills. They pick them because those biatches have no lives and will gladly function as a beatstick on the poor, unsuspecting, jaded autosurfers, in order to hide that fact from themselves.

Alright, nuff said here. If you're a "what the heck!" kind of person and don't mind getting your nads kicked in one more time, (See: "Kick Me In the Balls Stormpay, Please?" ) head on over to phoenix surf and place your bets with yet another group of "fleece" dealers - except this time, these fleece dealers are dressed in suits and ties.


Sam Freedom
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Monday, February 27, 2006


Phoenix Surf is still one of the most stable and highest paying autosurfs in existence right now. It continues growing rapidly and the community is helpful and active. I was just thinking on the importance of having referrals and what could I do to help others obtain them.

So I just had to write about this not only so that others can benefit from the ridiculously high payouts of the paid autosurf industry (which is still going strong and fast) but so that you can also benefit from the HUGE payouts you get from referral bonuses.


"What?! What is a prospecting machine?" Nothing will substitute for LOOKING AT ONE, but in a nutshell, a prospecting system is what you've always dreamed of and wished for from your first day looking for money on the web. It is an AUTOMATED SETUP that takes the hand of every single person you send to it and takes them through every single step in precise detail, signing them up under you in everything until they become a full fledged referral. Then you earn on them as a referral in more than one way.

Yes, from A to Z it does EVERYTHING for you. So you don't have to cross your fingers and pray any more that the people who click on your various links are smart enough to complete all processes by themselves. It explains everything in easy to understand detailed fashion and makes your life much easier. When it is a third party and not YOU trying to sell for you, also, it helps make the sale.

THIS is VERY exciting:


The HUGE unobvious benefit of this is that once you have a bunch of referrals under you in ONE thing, you can then recommend other things to them and some of them will go on to join you in those programs as well! So referrals aren't beneficial just for the program you are referring them to but for all kinds of friendships and great networking relationships as time goes on.

It's not even 3 days and 2 referrals have already helped me out in ways totally unexpected. them...


Wishing you the best,
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

STORMPAY Class Action Suit UPDATE!

Seems my instincts were right. In a previous article, I wrote about a lawyer named Tony Davis who was supposedly trying to get together some kind of class action lawsuit regarding the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco, the Ultimate Brawl between Charis Johnson and Steve Girsky. I mentioned that something didn't seem right, yet he did call me back after I left a message. He seemed nice enough and really sincere. Then someone sent me this:


Is it the same Tony Davis named in the case? I don't know but since he's from Austin, TX, too, and considering the circumstances, I would safely err on the side of safety. The same person wrote all of this to me:

Yikes. I hope this is wrong.... I just googled Tony R Davis Attorney Austin and found this:
"Tony Davis was convicted of one count of conspiracy, 18 U.S.C.§ 371 (1994), two counts of wire fraud, 18 U.S.C. § 1343 (1994),two counts of travel and transportation of securities for fraudulent purposes, 18 U.S.C. § 2314 (1994), and three counts of money laundering, 18 U.S.C. § 1957 (1994), all in connection withhis operation of an advance-fee scheme, in which he would agree to obtain funding for clients, but would never do so. "

Also, I googled the phone number listed and it came back with ONLY your website. ( When I put in the phone number that was listed below Tony Davis' address it came back with an apartment complex in Austin called Cliffs at Barton Creek.The Bar Asso number gave no information.

There is no information on DerKunt Law Offices in Austin except a listing w/the PO Box. And nothing comes up when I put DerKunt Law Offices and the 4425 S. Mopac ExpresswaySte 404Austin, TX 78735 Do we REALLY want to send our information to a person who SOUNDS unprofessional to people who have called, doesn't show up on the internet as a legitimate attorney, who wants our account information and who may or may not be the same person online who has been convicted of wire fraud and money laundering? Who has checked this guy out completely????? Very concerned here.... [name withheld]"

So there you have it folks. Is this a classic case of opportunistic vultures circling the dying and picking off the weak? Or is this the same Tony Davis even? And if so, is it possible the man paid his debt to society and is now on the straight and narrow?

Whatever the case may be, the old adage still stands, "Buyer Beware!" And "There's a sucker born every minute." If you were a sucker who did not beware, then just get present to that, shed the denial and then it will be less like to become a recurring theme for you.

Sam Freedom
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Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog
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$500 Per Day to SHUT MY MOUTH!

The most important part of internet marketing isn't know when to open your mouth - it's knowing when to shut it. So when the "1 Step System" by Rod Stinson and Chris Koehl pretty much offered me $500 per day to shut up, I agreed it was time.

Just Click the Picture to See What I Mean.

Your marketing friend,
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Friday, February 24, 2006

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of 12DailyPRO Type Autosurfs.

Boohoohoooooo! So the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco has you scared, is that right? Well, listen up my frightened friend. You'll soon see you have more to be concerned about NOT being in a paid autosurf.

If you've entered already, I know how you feel. You cross your fingers and hold your breath and pray to whatever it is you believe in that everything will go well. Just like a plane ride. We all know that a certain number of planes don't quite make it to their destination every year, but we still keep on flying don't we? We say it's necessary for some things, but there are planes and buses and cars -- it's just that flying is the easiest way to get what you want at the time.

Well, so is paid autosurf.

All Hail Engage Surf!

We also all know that the odds of winning on a scratch ticket, or the lottery is like 1 bazillion to 1, but we still buy enough of those little pieces of $1 paper to paper the wall of a small resort hotel, don't we?

So if you haven't tried it yet, or haven't really thrown yourself into it with care-free utter abandon, then come on....relax....let go.....

In fact, if it makes you feel better, here's another waay for you to look at paid autosurf, everyone wins up until the day everyone loses. Except the ones who got in early lose a lot less (because they've already earned and cashed out many times) than the ones who waited 3 months just to see how well everyone else would do first...

I'll say it again, the rule of paid autosurf like 12DailyPRO is, the earlier the better. And with Engage Surf, early is NOW. Have a look now...

Identical to 12DailyPRO But Without Stormpay to Mess Things Up!

If you haven't joined yet, you owe it to yourself to take a look NOW. It's less than three weeks old and since cashouts can be had BEFORE the end of the cycle, and are paid within 3 business days, the members there now are VERY happy. Let me repeat that - VERY happy.

So come on and pack the internet crack pipe with us. You know you want to. :-)

Pays in 3 Business Days with Early Cashouts Allowed!

Make sure to read my previous post, "DOUBLE YOUR MONEY - NO RISK?" before you do anything!

Wishing us all peace and prosperity,
Sam Freedom

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Can you really double your money almost for free? People were almost doing just that for 9 months with 12DailyPRO, and it would have continued just fine had Stormpay not gone haywire. So you can ALMOST double your money with ALMOST no risk.

But I'm going to see that, barring interruption, you will double an initial test buy of up to $10 on your first cycle at the new Paid Autosurf company below.

For a very limited period of time, I will genuinely see that, as my referral, you will DOUBLE YOUR MONEY on the latest greatest autosurf to hit the net as described below. That's how much I believe in it. It's like the NEW 12DAILYPRO but with NO STORMPAY to mess things up!!!

When you make a test run of only $10, you will, barring unforeseeable catastrophe, realize a return of $15.40 in 14 days for a profit of $5.40. But it won't stop there. When you send me notification that your 1st cycle is over, and I verify your 1st cycle test buy, I will pay you up to an additional $4.60 so that $10 of your initial test buy will have become $20.
This Offer Is About As Close To Getting FREE MONEY As It Gets!!!
Let me explain something very important first:

I am a businessman, and I am a business man with a conscience. I genuinely aim to honor all obligations, however, I reserve the right to invoke what some call "The God Clause" and I do this because in every crowd there often exists one or two people who try to beat the system and ruin a good thing for sincere, honest people like you and me. As a marketer, I have more posititve raving testimonials than anyone I know so my intentions are truly on the up and up but I must always reserve the right to protect myself from such dishonest people. Believe me, you reading this, if you are genuine of intent, you will get paid on your 1st cycle earnings on your initial test buy of $10 and have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding me honoring my end of the deal.

Add to that, I'm limiting the offer to $10 test buy so no one has to really risk a lot to gain confidence that this works!! This is also to give those of you with little, or no, experience the confidence to try out this industry which has not yet even reached its peak! Feel free to put more in above and beyond what my DOUBLE YOUR MONEY offer covers, it's up t you! I have!

So here's the rules.

1) I am limiting this to 25 people.
2) I may consider extending this on a case by case basis.
3) Each person may take advantage of this only one time.
4) I will pay you the difference between what you EARN and double your initial test buy so that you end up with double your initial test buy (remember, this is for initial test buys up to $10).
5) Payment from me to you is by Paypal or EMO. (Engage Does Not Use Paypal.)
6) I will even consider creative solutions such as giving you a piece of software valued at much, much more than your earnings if you prefer.
7) This is as close to FREE MONEY, RISK-FREE as it gets!!
8) The offer to double your money is predicated on the fact that you finish your initial cycle and are paid by the autosurf company so that my contribution amounts to no more than an additional $4.60 under any circumstances.

As funny as it sounds, I am about to go autosurf right now and earn 11% today on my original investment. They say they don't guarantee earnings just to protect themselves, understandably, but they ARE paying, and they ARE going strong. Now, the best time to get in is EARLY and early is NOW!

(UPDATE - Only 9 Openings Left.)

Click the button and upgrade now. If you need help with setup, they have a KILLER FORUM and I also offer to answer any of your questions at BLOGMAIL AT SAM-FREEDOM.COM - remember, you must be my referral for this offer so check that SAM FREEDOM is your referral after you signup. Otherwise, you'll just earn $15.40 from a $10 investment and not the $20 result I illustrated.



Click This Button to See It All for Yourself, and I'll Look for You There,
If you already know you want to invest more than $10, I'll refund 50% of the first referral fee. So if you want, be like me and bang it in big right from the start.
Your friend in business,
Sam Freedom
PS. Contact me once joined, and/or with questions at
at Blogmail AT Sam-Freedom.Com

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stormpay Class Action Lawsuit! Or Is It?

This just in Regarding the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay scandal (make sure to read my short comments at the end):

(NOTE, Information has been received updating this article. A link will be provided for you at the bottom.)

Found this on another forum:


Anyone that feels they are a victim of the recent Stormpay, Inc. actions and wish to join in this class action lawsuit Civil Rico Act case against Stormpay, Inc., Ceo Steve Girsky and owner John McConnell should gather up your emails and documents and pick up a phone and contact Attorney Tony Davis there in Austin, Texas.

I spoke briefly with Mr. Davis and I am in the processing of sending him my own documents and information to help in his cause. Again, I would urge every single person that rightly feels they are a victim by to call and speak with Mr. Davis and if possible join in his class action suit against that company. Mr. Davis if asked can give you his email address for you to forward that information also to him.

Here is a brief but helpful primer on Civil Rico Act Suits:

What does the Rico Act stand for?

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act - A law intended to eradicate organized crime by establishing strong sanctions and forfeiture provisions

The Rico Act Law Includes:

Laundering of monetary instruments
Engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specific unlawful activity
Interstate transportation of stolen property

The Rico Act Enables persons financially injured by a pattern of criminal activity to seek redress through the state or federal courts. Contains both Civil and Criminal proceedings requirements and recommends appropriate award amounts and incarceration penalties for both plaintiff and defendant.
Civil Rico Act proceedings began appearing in courts in early 80’s.

Title 18 united States Code

Theft from interstate shipment
Extortionate credit transactions
Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents
Fraud and related activity in connection with access devices
Mail fraud
Wire fraud
Financial institution fraud
Tampering with a witness, victim or informant
Retaliation against a witness, victim or informant
Interference with commerce, robbery or extortion

(Part E)
Any act which is indictable under the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act

How are claims dealt with in the RICO act?

Every claim must be based on a criminal violation or ‘act of racketeering”
Civil plaintiff must prove that defendant engaged in acts, but also must prove that these acts formed a “ pattern ”
The burden of evidence is quite different for Civil and Criminal Proceedings:
Civil- Plaintiff must only convince a jury by a preponderance of evidence that the defendant committed the acts of racketeering.
Criminal- Plaintiff must establish acts of racketeering beyond the reasonable doubt of the jury.
Penalties are also different:
Civil:- Award is monetary damages, in particular, three times the actual damages established at trial plus the plaintiffs attorney’s fees and costs.
These judgments cannot be discharged with filing of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Criminal- The defendant goes to prison for a very long time.

Historical use of the RICO Act against Corporations:

Previous to 1981 RICO act was rarely used against companies.
United States v. Turkette 452 U.S. 576 (1981)
Supreme Court ruled that RICO applied to both legitimate and illegitimate RICO enterprises. Previous to the decision the lower courts were limiting RICO to “criminal”, “illegitimate” or “racketeering” enterprises.

This enables the RICO act to be used against corporations.
The “legitimacy” of the actions of the defendant are determined once the case goes to court in preliminary hearings.


I just got off the phone with Tony Davis. He said to send him the following:

A summary of the facts including your name, address, and phone number

He wants to put this all together in the next two weeks.

His email address, which I'm posting here with his permission, is

The phone number is: 512-825-8369

My comments:
I called Tony Davis' number. I got an answering machine with a message that began, "Hi, this is Tony...". Now, I'm all for familiarity and being laid back, but not in these matters. If this guy is an attorney, he should be answering his phone with, "You have reached the law offices of Attorney Anthony R. Davis..." etc. Maybe it's that I'm a Yank and he's a southerner, or maybe not, but that didn't seem right. Also, a Yahoo address for an attorney? Maybe I need to talk with him about establishing a proper web presence...

Yet another unknown entity that wants your name, rank and serial number. If you get such a message, beware. Tony might be for real, but any time you have a massive number of "victims" there's always the vultures to watch out for next...

UPDATE 2/22/06: Left my number on Tony's machine and he called me back today. I got no sense of him rushing me off the phone. He had basic question but it wasn't like a typical lawyer session. He said that his group is more like those who are ACLU or NAACP lawyers. In other words, it was more down to earth and informal. He said the lawyer spearheading the class action suit is originally from Turkey and his name is Ingin Derkunt. (Please, no jokes.)

He said all they need right now is as much FACT as possible. So I'm going to be copying the documents of all friends and I and sending them to him. He said Ingin's state bar number is 00785815 if that helps any of you and they are based out of Texas. The phone number is above, but the address is as follows:

DerKunt Law Office
4425 S. Mopac Expressway
Ste 404
Austin, TX 78735

So there you go...


Sam Freedom
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Monday, February 20, 2006

One Way Ticket to NEVIS Please!

My friend is a nutcase when it comes to getting to the bottom of the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay scandal. This what he sent me last week. Sorry I did not publish it sooner!

"Ohh this is just getting more and more interesting.

Ok, Charis Johnson says her attorney when 12DailyPRO started was/is Brett Hubbard.

Lets talk about Brett Hubbard. Brett Hubbard in the last 3 years has filed incorporation papers for 18 companies. Him being named as the agent and his address being the prinicpal address on all said coporations. Life clicks is one of those corporations. But he is just acting agent/lawyer for said companies. Who owns them? Kevin Wessel.

Kevin Wessel and Brett Hubbard are listed on all 18 of those companies as the agent,

and Kevin as the organizer. So if the info Ive checked and read is correct, then Kevin Wessel is the sole owner all 18 companies and Brett Hubbard is the acting agent for all 18 companies including lifeclicks.

Lifeclicks is the parent company or said OWNER of 12DailyPRO. Brett Hubbard is the acting/registered agent/lawyer for lifeclicks. Kevin Wessel owns them both. Lifeclicks and 12DailyPRO. This would put Charis Johnson as some frumpy gal with a background of being scandalous, appointed *admin* of 12DailyPRO. With the background ive read on Charis Johnson, it would have been easy to throw a dollar sign in front of her face and appoint her as admin to take the blows for 12DailyPRO.

Lifeclicks did not exist when 12DailyPRO started. Lifeclicks was formed on sept 7th 2005. 12DailyPRO was in operation well before that. So we need to figure out BEFORE Kevin Wessel and Brett Hubbard came on board and provided 12DailyPRO with a *shield* from prosecution, who owned and started 12DailyPRO in the beginning? Im thinking the same people. They just hadnt expected such huge growth with 12DailyPRO. But when it did start taking off, they knew. They all knew oopsie, we had best get an LLC company filed and going as a shield and position ourselves on the tiny island of NEVIS because this will end eventually.

So Charis Johnson, Kevin Wessel and Brett Hubbard have a long standing relationship. They all were together in starting 12DailyPRO, yet just didnt start up Lifeclicks until they knew they were going to have a problem in the future.....why? Its huge growth. The fact they probably knew with this kind of growth they would eventually face scrutiny from the authorities. AND wouldnt you know it.....on the very same island of NEVIS is the address for the same guy who OWNS EGOLD. The very same payment processor 12DailyPRO dropped.
But Here's Where It Gets "Funny"....

EGOLD payments, possibly in the millions, are still owed to members worldwide. Guess who has that money? The owner of EGOLD and Lifeclicks/12DailyPRO. All 3 of those entities have your supposed monies that you havent been able to get back since december. And guess what? from what ive read with the laws of NEVIS, which the merchant accounts seem to be really at, you wont be able to. The laws of NEVIS say specifically that ANYONE who wants to file a lawsuit against anyone in NEVIS needs to put down a payment of $25,000 to start proceedings, and most of us dont have that do we. That $25,000 is also non refundable given you lose your case which we would because of the laws of NEVIS to BEGIN with protecting the merchant accounts. Hence off shore banking and living. Even tho the BBB has documents showing lifeclicks and 12DailyPRO as *american based* it doesnt seem to be they are. Those documents only show an address, a physical address that Brett Hubbard has in the USA as registered. So lifeclicks and 12DailyPRO are only registered in the USA to do business. It seems their actual accounts are actually overseas. Untouchable.

So the bottom line I suppose is we are screwed period. There is really nothing anyone can do. Even if they FBI gets involved, they are federal, meaning us as the United States. NEVIS isnt in that arena. Which is exactly why its all offshore to begin with. NEVIS is in a totally seperate country.

Im thinking we need to focus on finding mr. wessell and mr. hubbard for any answers. Charis Johnson doesnt mean squat at this point. Im also curious as to what bank/financial organization on the island of NEVIS is holding lifeclicks/12DailyPROs merchant accounts. That is who and where the money is. These guys at lifeclicks specialize in keeping all this moola out of the United States.

And where the laws cant touch them."
Funny how the NEVIS tourism site begins with...
There’s something about this small, sombrero-shaped island that grabs you. The charm and tranquility takes you back to a time when things were simpler, when life was more peaceful, when stress was just a word, not a way of life.
(They forgot to add, "...and where we protect people who want to steal your money and get away with it scot-free. So c'mon down!!!!")
Sorry folks, didn't mean to depress you...! Lol!

Sam Freedom
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LOL! In the ongoing madness beginning with the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco...the madness never ends! It never ends! In yet another bold move, eGold decides it can put emergency brakes on everyone's accounts. There's an explanation I got elsewhere posted below, but in a nutshell, it says they default all users accounts to NOT accept payments from "blocked accounts" - so if eGold doesn't like AUTOSURF XYZ, apparently they can flag it as a "blocked account" and therefore all payments PAID AUTOSURF XYZ's members would instantly and simultaneously stop.

Here's the Letter I Read:


"Dear Friends:

E-gold is targeting this industry with a new blocked account feature in the back office.

Please read the below notification slowly and tell everyone you know.

As you well know Storm Pay may have been working in concert with the Authorities to shut down the
auto surf industry by freezing accounts. A lot of smoke and mirrors have been given to us and so we do not know the real story.

But there is an interesting development within the last couple of days that may be linked to the above.

As you know e-gold got raided and appears to be
working in concert with the authorities also because they have put into place a blocked account selection in everyone\\\'s back office. If e-gold wants to target a program that they feel or the Authorities feel is a ponzi they can block the spend from that program to everyone with an e-gold account.

Already one program I know of is affected and Golden Rocks, Tinger and other programs of an auto-surf nature could be negatively affected by this new development soon.

You must do and tell your membership and friends to do the following:

-- Log into e-gold and then click on
account and account info/control panel.

-- Change radio button under spends from blocked accounts to the status of Accept.

-- Then enter the turing number shown in the field provided and press update control panel settings.

You need to contact the admins of programs such as
Tinger and Golden Rocks and Fortune Surf and Dad and Daves and other ones you can think of.

The survival of these programs in the future may be dependent upon the admins telling their members to do this and also you need to network with those above you and below you in your organizations to
get the changes in the back office of their e-gold accounts taken care of.

I have already changed the configuration of my Account to ACCEPT Blocked Accounts, and I am passing this on to you to inform your participants to do the same.



Sam Freedom
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kick Me In the Balls Stormpay, Please?

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe "Charis" kicked me in the balls. Or maybe it was Steve Girsky AND Charis Johnson who kicked me in the balls. I'm not sure yet because my balls still hurt and I can't think straight. Oh, and how lucky am I? I got SIXTY times the ball kicking because I paid $6,000 to get my balls kicked. So I got 60 times the ball-kicking and suppose I should be happy. After all, it was 60 times more than what this guy was asking for.

In fact, being a good samaritan, I will email this guy a link to some autosurfs, sign him up, and then he can get his balls kicked for whatever price he wants all day long.

Hey, I feel better already. I can help people now! Don't tell me that the man who took out that ad and I are the only one's who pay large sums of money to get our balls kicked.

In fact, if any of you reading this would like to start your own autosurf and start your very own ball kicking operation, here's a primer for you...

Ignore the name they used for the author, it's a pseudonym, a pen name. It was really written by:

Hey, don't judge us folks who pay large sums of money to have our balls kicked. It wasn't like we originally intended for it to happen. It just did. And strangely enough, we started to like it.

In fact, here's where I'm trying to get my balls kicked now:

Don't be shy. C'mon. Join me.
It only hurts the first time.
Many happy kicks,
Sam Freedom
PS. Cmon, it's free to watch!

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New Message from 12DailyPRO...!

"You have received a message from 12 Daily Pro:

I want to take a moment to shed some light and truth on some recent developments in our StormPay matter. Much has been said and much needs to be clarified. I hope the following update can help toward that end.

Beyond StormPay's displeasure with our using another payment processor, at no time in our relationship with StormPay did they express they had any issue with our business, with our transactions, or with the large fees they were earnings from our transactions. To the contrary, even in the midst of their demands that we remove our other payment processor, StormPay insured us that we had always been a very good client and that they had done much and wanted to continue to do much to help our business.

StormPay has also placed on its website claims and information on its website that are false and misleading. They also are making decisions regarding our account and the accounts of our members based on their own opinions and assessments or our company made without any supporting facts or documentation. They provided a description of the way they perceive all autosurfs function. Their description does not take into account the unique terms of 12daily Pro nor internal factors about our company operations which they are not privy to.

StormPay, throughout this process of our attempts to regain access to our account, has refused to communicate or cooperate. They drafted last weeks joint statement and instructed us to post it under the guise that they would work with us to refund our members. During that very conversation during which that joint statement was agreed upon, StormPay unilaterally conducted chargebacks of its users accounts and began withdrawing monies from users bank accounts and credit cards. With no access to our account, there was no way we could stop their unwarranted actions nor determine exactly what actions were taken.

Please understand that ALL 12daily Pro funds being held by StormPay were funds intended for the payment of withdrawals for both StormPay users, and EMO users, and all members transitioning to both processors from E-Gold. It was our attempt to move those funds that StormPay began these unwarranted actions that have led us to this point. The matter was further complicated because some of the money charged back to our account by StormPay included paid referral commissions that were derived from upgrades purchased with payment processors other than StormPay. The more they do, the more of an accounting nightmare it will be if and when we are able to get access to our account and/or funds.

Regarding the joint statement that was issued, we want to make it clear that we participated in its drafting only because we were assured StormPay would work with us on a refund strategy. From that point StormPay ceased all communication with us and did not honor their agreement to do so, nor did they respond to a specific demand letter issued to them by our attorney. This past Monday, StormPay finally contacted us. Again our demands were clearly issued. We await their timely response, if they are to avoid a legal action which we are fully prepared to initiate.

We have learned that the FBI is actively gathering information regarding the alleged unauthorized debiting of StormPay user accounts, bank accounts and credit cards. We also are very hopeful that government officials may be able to assist us in the recovery of funds so that they may be properly dispersed.

We are all in this together and we will keep you up to date as we know more.

12dp Admin
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Sam Freedom
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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Would it have been so hard to simply ask, "Hey people, would you all mind donating $1,000 - $6,000 each so we can build an awesome racetrack?!"

The saga continues between Stormpay and 12DailyPRO's Charis Johnson. Charis, through her lawyer, maintains the integrity of her "proprietary" information. As you'll soon see in the article below, there's so much freakin' lying, controversy, and positioning going on now that this this has really gotten out of control.

(Note from Sam: Isn't that my cow?!)

One example in the article has Stormpay's president, John McCONnell, claiming that 12DailyPRO stopped paying out as of January 8th. Yet members of various autosurf forums insist they had received payments as late as January 21st. Now is that a lie? Or was it true and the payment just didn't go through until until the 21st?


Well, it looks as if the FBI is about to know. The FBI is now requesting information from the Tennessee BBB regarding the Stormpay - 12DailyPRO fiasco.

In response to the following statement made by Stormpay CEO, Steve Girsky,

"We are excited about the audit. We have no problem with them coming in to do the audit."

One autosurf forum member replied, sarcastically,

"Indeed Mr. Girsky, I have no problem in outside auditors finding all of your filthy business practices and prosecuting you for them either.

It would be refreshing and in my opinion 'worthwhile' if the editors of The Leaf Chronicle, FTC, FBI and Better Business Bureau would work up the timeline of Stormpay Dirt Track racing, purchasing an expensive lease agreement and Storm Pay, Inc's cash outlay on that Race Track mere days before Freezing all of those merchant accounts.

That certainly has the appearance that Storm Pay spent the merchants moneys held in trust by Storm Pay and when 12 Daily Pro made a substantial withdraw of their own money, Storm Pay, Inc. did not have it."

If you, or anyone you know has been negatively affected by this scandal, you may use the following websites to report directly to the responsible official agencies:

FTC Online Complaint Form
Tennessee Better Business Bureau Online Complaint Form
Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs

Here's a few more pictures from Stormpay's Racetrack. They've understandably been too busy shearing the sheep and handling the audit and complaints to get these up. But yours truly has the inside scoop, so enjoy these unreleased photos.

Here's to Getting Your Money Back!

Sam Freedom
PS. For Your Work at Home Needs, Check Out:
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