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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Epic Intelligent Debate - Is Paid Autosurf, Like 12DailyPRO, A Scam?

STOP! This is an EXCELLENT debate about the value and validity of paid autosurf such as the now defunct Stormpay victim, 12DailyPRO, and the golden new kid on the block, Phoenix Surf. I make a genuine effort to think up, down, left and right in these matters in order to make my case as clearly and soundly as possible. This debate is culled from a message thread I started in a forum you'll find by clicking HERE. That'll show you the forum main page which is not easy to get to from the messages. First visit that link to see the main page, and then HERE you'll find the actual message thread.


Finally, Truth in Advertising Reaches Paid Autosurf! Must See!

Ain't it true? That sometimes you just wanna hear the unabashed truth no matter how unpleasant it might be? Really? Doesn't the truth really set us free? Have a distinct ring that liberates rather than enslaves? We all knew 12DailyPRO had the word PONZI written all over it, and NETIBA (3rd party verification) was like in the basement of Stormpay's office (lol!), but since a sustainable business was viable, we chose to ignore the obvious.

Well, here's the FIRST time I've ever heard the kind of truth that *I* enjoy...! Make sure your mouth is free of liquid or anything that could go up your nose if you laugh.

ps. Phoenix Surf, running FAST and STRONG!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Prevent Your eGold Account From Being Hacked!

Hacked eGold accounts seem to be on the rise. It may or may not be that it's actually happening more; it could be that it's just being reported more - as could happen with any news topic. But the fact is, that after the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco, the autosurf industry didn't diminish -- it BOOMED. With 350, 000 former 12DailyPRO members, and not ALL of them losing money, the temptation to suck up all those hungry homeless surfers spawned the birth of, at least, dozens (perhaps 100s) of new autosurfs.

With Stormpay out of the picture, Paypal not even an option, EMO so quickly poofed out of existence by the State of Texas and places like Safepay, Alertpay, and IntGold not having a strong enough presence to WOW people into a sense of comfort and security, EGOLD sorta kinda just happened to come out on top as the DE FACTO payment processor for autosurf and hyip-related activity.

Add to that, eGold had alread by survived a government inquiry which, though only scheduled to result in a 3 hour downtime, lasted a full 36 hours (as explained by eGold at their website). So people felt that if eGold hadn't been shut down from that, they wouldn't be any time soon ("what doesn't kill me makes me stronger!", right?). It's just my personal suspicion that in order to avoid a government-induced meltdown, eGold had to agree to SOME kind of coerced government surveillance a-la-"Patriot Act" and it was either that or bye-bye eGold. But THAT much is pure speculation on the part of this author. (And if I'm right, it's not because they want to spy on ordinary citizens like you and me, but rather on those who may be using the quick, big earnings of autosurf to fund terrorist operations where the US dollar goes a long way.)

Now on to the issue of having one's eGold account hacked:

Here is what I read on the Wired Surf forum (15% for 9 days!) which prompted me to write this article:

"Hi Members~Thought you may want to read this email I got from one of your fellow members. I've just had my egold account hacked and I've finally found out how it's being done to a lot of people. There is a trojan virus being spread and if you have it you'll have the file gdiwxp.dll This file doesn't show up in any virus checks until a new update of Norton today. It copies your log-in to egold then it empties your account at will. One symptom of it is that when you try logging in to egold you get kicked out due to wrong info, sometimes only once but other times 2 or 3 times. Please let your people know about this. It only got me for $5.20 right after you paid me. But I'm sure there are people out there that stand to lose a lot more than that including YOU!

The file is usually found in C:\Windows\System32\ Norton Antivirus will pick this file up as a virus now but it can't be deleted by Norton or yourself. But it's not protected from a name change. I changed the name to gdiwxp2.dll and then could delete it. If it still won't delete after the name change then reboot and delete the changed name file THEN. In addition: It has been about for a while. At present there is no reports of this affecting Firefox users, just IE. It also comes under a different name too, check for gdiwxp.dll as well as gdiw2k.dll depending on which variant of windows you are running. In addition, this Malaware can be detected and removed with Ewido Malaware Checker found HERE. (28 Day free trial). This [trojan] not only affects egold, but as it acts as a datalogger too, it could log passwords account #'s etc. etc. Hope that helps."

NOTE FROM SAM: I visited the Ewido site. It LOOKS legit, but I did not download their malware checker. It's probably fine, but do so at your own risk.]

Another Wired Surf forum member replied with the following:

"Yeah, i have been hacked from this trojan two weeks back, it cost me over $1000, really people dont let this happen to you. one more sympton is that you are requested to enter the turing number (the image code number) on the next page after login, it basically allows your automation access to your e-gold account which SHOULD be set to blocked/disabled, then it drains your money using that automation access.i know this coz i have some experience with this bloody trojan. one more thing, stop using Internet Explorer, Start using Firefox, IE isnt that secure and that this trojan only works on IE, not on Firefox as this is what google's research told me."

[NOTE FROM SAM: Click On the Button At the End of This Post to Obtain the Google Toolbar/Firefox Combo for Safer, Faster Browsing.]

So, like it or not, we have to deal with the fact that somebody, or some bodies, out there is actively hunting down people like us in order to drain our eGold accounts. So we have to understand how we can protect ourselves. This is something I picked up from an hyip forum:

EGold web site is secure and can not be hacked:
The only way that people can get into your egold account, and steal your money is by getting your password. To avoid your e-gold account of being "hacked": Your password must be a random combination of letters and numbers at least 10 charecters long.
For example - W6hJx99iqT. Also...

  • Do not use a single word as your password.
  • Store your password in a safe place. Preferably in a notebook.
  • Do not use your e-gold password, as password for any other site.
  • Always use the security keyboard to enter your password, and also to change your password. (This way, even if you have keyloggers or trojans on your computer, they will not be able to detect your password.)
  • Activate the Account Sentinel in your egold account to detect any changes in your IP address or browser. And block automation.
  • Do not trust any emails claiming to be sent from e-gold.
  • Do not click on any links to the e-gold site in emails.
  • Use a good firewall
    Download the best firewall
  • And, a good antivirus program (AVG is free) to prevent keyloggers from stealing your password.
  • Double check if you are at real e-gold web site before entering your password.
  • Check for active padlock in the browser status bar.
  • URL must start with
  • Use e-gold IP address to go to the site. (
  • If you are using e-gold spend form, check if you are on real egold page by viewing page source code (various methods: browser bugs or International Domain Names) can be used to make you see spoofed page which looks exactly the same as real e-gold page.)
  • Refresh the page, and check to see if the turing number changes
  • Check the SSL certificate.
    At the e-gold web site, these values are:
    Issued to:
    Issued by: VeriSign
    Valid from: 11/22/2004 to 12/1/2006
    Thumbprint: F84F 522C E958 A443 5A37 8934 6D77 2D70 096C 6A82
  • To reduce risk of being attacked by trojans and keyloggers, avoid using Internet Explorer or any other IE based web browser and instead use FireFox with the Google Toolbar. (Should be a button at the end of this post that leads to it. It's free!)

Alright, that oughta do it, fellow surfer. Tighten up that account. Believe me when I tell you that no one who has been hacked ever thought it would be them!

Your friend,
Sam Freedom.
Oh, PS! There IS one more unrivalled resource that you absolutely MUST SEE in order to prevent not only your eGold account from being hacked, but to prevent ANYTHING from being hacked. This may seem like "just another product" but I assure you, I know the author, and it is THE BEST HACKER PREVENTION RESOURCE available on the net EVER!

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Spend a LITTLE now in order to save a LOT later. Click HERE to obtain it!
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Friday, April 21, 2006

Why Paid Autosurf Makes Me Happy!

As most of my **valued** readers know by now, I got stung in the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco to the tune of $6,000. What stung even worse was that everything took a dive a mere FOUR (4) days after I had joined. I invested six grand in an autosurf and waved goodbye to it a short 4 days later. So why? Why, oh why, oh why, am I promoting paid autosurf and investing in it again?!

Readers of my other blog, "Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog" are wondering,

"What's Wrong With You, Sam?!
Have You Gone Nuts?!"

No. No, I haven't. It's really simple...

The first time I entered paid autosurf, it was at the persistent request of a close friend. I knew nothing about the autosurf except that in its earliest inception, it was one of the most ineffective forms of advertising, mainly good for manipulating banner exchanges, or any company that gives you a credit for showing their ads. You'd dump a bunch of ads or banners on a page then run it through the autosurf on autopilot and rack up a bunch of ad credits in those various other exchanges.

But when my friend came to me and asked my opinion of 12DailyPRO, I had almost the exact same reaction as many do now when I tell them about

Phoenix Surf ; AND

Wired Surf

I said, and I am quoting VERBATIM, "That? It's a scam. You'd have a better chance of hitting (a big prize on) a scratch ticket." That's EXACTLY what I said to him.

But he persisted. And to this day, he still has no idea what an excellent marketer he is because he is NOT an online kind of guy, but here he was, week after week, showing me these MASSIVE earnings. I saw them with my own eyes but continued to delay. My other friends were in it, too, and they started showing me their BIG checks. Eventually, the pressure became too much and I said, "What the heck, let's go."

Now, when I go...I go big! So I wasn't going to tip-toe in with $6...I was going to get in, make 3 big paydays, then play only with the profits. It's a great strategy and remains so to this day! But, you know the story now, as fate would have it, the autosurf crack pipe broke and everyone went scrambling for the nearest newspaper (hence, the birth of this blog.)

I did my homework this time. How's that for simple? I first brainstormed as to how an autosurf might REALLY be sustainable and came up with this:

Then I proceeded to find paid autosurfs that proceeded by that model, or very close to it. I came to rest on Phoenix Surf (and most recently, Wired Surf) which, to me, has the right mix of communication, professionalism and ambition. It doesn't hurt that I've been PAID SIX TIMES! It doesn't hurt that my referrals are all getting paid well and on time, either. Some of them are making $1200 EVERY 8 DAYS!

Now we are not all prepared to go in to that extent, but let me tell you how I am making things VERY good for my referrals. I am currently offering FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of the referral commission earned on them for their first 3 spends.

This means that you can make significantly MORE profit in a very short period of time. Then I counsel people who are not the let-it-ride types (like me) but more nervous, to pull back their initial investment and just play with the profit. FAST TRACKING $1000 would net you somewhere in the neighborhood of $650 in the first 30 days!

Instead of working your fingers to the bone with a $100 spend just to get it up to $200, you take the plunge with the rest of us and start working with something significant in record time! Here's another way to play it if you're REALLY nervous:
  • Day 1 - $1000 upgrade

  • Day 8 - $1200 pending minus 5% Fast Track plus $40 kickback from me.

  • Day 10 - Fast Track early cashout of $1180 - Bank the $180.

  • Day 10 - Reupgrade $1000 and repeat for 2 more cycles.

The result is you pull back a little each week to decrease your risk and therefore your nervous stress. You earn less than letting it ride for 3 cycles, but you still end up with a handsome $540 profit to play with from then on FREE & CLEAR!

With $540 free and clear, you can then go on to earn a constantly increasing weekly profit beginning with $108 your first cycle. FREE AND CLEAR...

You wanna play? Or you wanna keep sitting on the fence? Play? Sit on the fence? Play?! Sit on the Fence? PLAY...! Come play with us!

Here to help with the goods!
ps. If you need help setting up an eGold account (plus getting referrals for Phoenix Surf) you can find it here:
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Friday, April 14, 2006

FREE Autosurf Referral Machine - Limited Time Only!

All former members of the best autosurf ever,12DailyPRO, knew that the BIG appeal of autosurf is that you can make BIG MONEY in RECORD TIME. But one thing we also knew was that BIGGER MONEY could be made in RECORD TIME from paid autosurf referrals. It's just a plain fact of auto surf life. One thing Charis Johnson never had in place for her Stormpay victims was an automated REFERRAL MACHINE.


Yes, an automated REFERRAL MACHINE! Just point people there and IT does ALL the work! Now if you are one of those who really loves making not just BIG MONEY in RECORD TIME but BIGGER MONEY in RECORD TIME then HERE is a FREE AUTOSURF REFERRAL MACHINE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! It's FREE only til the end of April so hurry up and go test it out!

Email me if you need anything,

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Was 12DailyPRO a Legitimate HYIP (If Not, What IS?)

To fully understand HYIP, it's important to first understand: 1) what an HYIP is, 2) how a legitimate HYIP works and 3) how people invest in the HYIP.


HYIPs are investment programs that offer high returns quickly. Like stock trading the more you invest the more gain you receive. Unlike stocks, however, HYIPs offer more of a return for a smaller investment. The reason why HYIPs can do this is because some of the money is funded from new membership. However, HYIPs that last DO NOT and CANNOT function on new member money alone. They must have other legitimate methods of generating revenue. If they don't the HYIP is really a Ponzi scheme and will collapse eventually. This
will be discussed in more detail later in the article.

There are two types of HYIPs that are popular online:

1) those that require a person to do nothing but simply invest; and,
2) those that require a person to view advertisements.

The latter has gained more popularity through a concept known as
the paid autosurf. Autosurfs that are HYIP-based operate on the same principle as television does: offering members something 'free' for viewing advertisements. In this case the freebie is money. If the autosurf is not HYIP-based, it will offer advertising credits for its members. The more credits a member receives, the more they can advertise their sites.


Unfortunately, because of greedy, unscrupulous people, a large percentage of HYIPs are scams. This is especially the case with HYIPs not based on advertising revenue though there are shady autosurfs out there too. But the reason why HYIPs not based on advertising are more dangerous is because there is even less certainty on where and how funds are being generated. At least with advertising-based HYIPs one can usually see that they are selling advertising, whether through an 'Advertise on our site' link at the bottom of their web site or even an Ebay auction. However, the HYIP that is not based on advertising usually won't make it apparent how they are generating income streams. If they don't have some fluff about making money through Forex or other legitimate trading methods, they may have the audacity to say they are a ponzi. Whether they say it or not, if they don't have other ways of making income they are nothing more than a ponzi. So this means that the ONLY way they are generating funds are through new member signups. When new members stop joining the scheme the program will collapse. This is assuming the owner is 'honest' enough to let it run that long. Sometimes individuals using the ponzi scheme will let it run for a few months, then after getting a healthy build-up of member investments, flee with the money.

Okay, so keeping all this in mind how can one distinguish the legitimate HYIP from the typical HYIP which is a scam? Below are some factors which are common to the legitimate HYIP.

1) Legitimate HYIP sites will generate revenue from a variety of sources

Member signups alone are not enough to keep a legitimate HYIP running. This is because when new members stop signing up (which is inevitable even for established membership-based businesses), the HYIP's revenue source is gone. So if an HYIP is legitimate it must sell a service or product or invest in stable trades FOR REAL.

PHOENIX SURF is an example of a legitimate HYIP whose parent company, "New Millenium Enterprise" generates additional revenue through pixel advertising, GDI domain sales, and advertising services to name a few.

2) Legitimate HYIP business owners can be contacted

HYIP business owners who are serious about their business will treat it as such. This means they will establish a company just like any other entrepreneur and reveal their contact information. If an HYIP webmaster can give no verifiable information about their 'company' including telephone number beware, although having a well-moderated, responsive forum is a great second.

PHOENIX SURF is operated by a company known as New Millennium Enterprise, a registered business.

3) Legitimate HYIPs receive positive feedback

HYIP monitors are sites which evaluate HYIPs. If they pay then they receive a positive rating. If not, they receive a negative rating. Legitimate HYIPs tend to get mostly positive rating through HYIP monitors.

PHOENIX SURF, as of the time of this post, has paid me FOUR TIMES! And my referral base is also being paid in a timely manner!

Legitimate HYIPs also receive positive feedback on virtually any place on the web, even those not related to investing. PHOENIX SURF, for example, has received 100s and 100s of testimonials from people on a variety of websites and message boards.


The best way to invest in an HYIP depends...

...if you know nothing about the HYIP and are not satisified by the info and testimonials you have received about it, then start with a small "test spend"; OR,
...if you are familiar with the HYIP or autosurf and have enough data, or testimonial to trust it sufficiently, you might consider joining what some people refer to as (the fictitious) "Bang It In BIG Club."

The "Bang-It-In-Bigger"s are those who realize that even a small "test spend" doesn't guarantee that an hyip won't collapse the next week so they do as much DUE DILIGENCE as they can and then they go in big.

They do so in order to be able to start playing with their PROFITS as soon as possible!

Once investors are comfortable that an HYIP is legitimate, they try to recover their initial investment as quickly as possible. After this, they invest using their profits so the risk of 'losing' is minimized. If something does happen to the HYIP it doesn't matter as much because they were playing around with just their profit anyway.

For example, a $6,000 investment PHOENIX SURF will yield a reasonable, sustainable $1200 profit in 8 days. When your cashout arrives, you can then reinvest the $1200 PROFIT and continue playing with that virtually risk-free because it is PROFIT, not principle.


Indeed, the HYIP game may not be for every investor, but for those who want a high return quickly it is an excellent alternative. And despite the number of HYIP that seem shady, there are thousands if not millions who have made money through HYIPs. So while there is a risk of loss, (which is also present for conventional trading methods), investors continue utilizing HYIPs simply because the gain is so profound.

Before you JOIN PHOENIX SURF, make sure to view the short, two-minute movie found here.


Monday, April 03, 2006

Maximum Results For Minimum Effort - 12DailyPRO Victims Take Note

You may be an autosurfer who knows very little about the other ways of making money online, but if you're like most, you sure THINK about it a lot. Well, whether you were in 12DailyPRO or some other autosurf, if you've *ever* wondered how the "internet marketing gurus" make fortunes while the little guys struggle to sell online, you absolutely have to read this...

Neil Shearing is the guy who "tells it like it is" and is also the driving force behind ScamFreeZone since 1997! Now that's an online pedigree to be proud of... helping people build their online businesses for almost a decade.

Well, Neil's just released an ebook which blows away anything I've seen before... he describes in precise detail how he took one ebook idea and turned it into sales of $253,603.47... yes, that's over a Quarter Million Dollars! How many other people online can do that? How many are willing to share all the secrets used to generate that massive total from one ebook idea?

Luckily, Neil's done just that in "Insider Rollout Secrets", and I strongly suggest you grab a copy...

...this is an ebook that will change the way you think about making money online. As Michael Cheney said... "Every once in a rare while I come across information online that is so valuable it makes me feel like I've just had my eyes opened for the first time. I can say, hand on heart, it's one of the most valuable things I've ever read in my ten years online."

Neil's new ebook does that to you... it makes you see the "big picture"... the way you *should* be doing things instead of the way you've *been* doing things... and then goes on to show you exactly *how* to do everything!

Check it out... I give it my strongest recommendation... Click here...

Sam Freedom
ps. By the way, Neil is offering a $10 introductory discount on orders for the first few days only, so check it out and grab your copy today to save ten bucks!

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

How to PROFIT MASSIVELY From Your Autosurf Advertising!

In the near future, I'll write up a little course that goes into much greater detail, but suffice it to say that I've spoken to a LOT of people who are happily earning in paid autosurf and most of them have absolutely ZERO experience in MAKING MONEY ONLINE.

What we forget is that paid autosurf, like 12DailyPRO, is NOT really about earning X% on your money. That's just the side benefit of purchasing the autosurf's ADVERTISING packge "upgrade", remember? And the X% earnings aren't even guaranteed, right? So, they say, "risk only what you can afford to lose", right? (if you don't know this, then you should really read the Terms of Service of each autosurf, they can't promise earnings without violating the law.)

But what you ARE guaranteed is that your money gets you ADVERTISING CREDITS. And if you're like most people, you have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER how to use those credits for MASSIVE RESULTS! Since I am limited on time, I am going to give you a very quick mini-course on how to BEST use autosurf for PROFITABLE advertising.

First...what NOT to do and WHY:

Do NOT Advertise Sales Pages unless they are true works of art. Do YOU really read all the long sales pages that you see when surfing? Maybe SOME, but hardly all. If you're like most people, you just want to surf the minimum number of sites, earn your money and get back to something more pleasurable or more important.

So if you want to make money, you have to GRAB peoples' ATTENTION - FAST and EARLY - and then HOLD IT! You do this by offering a SMALL LEAD CAPTURE form that fits neatly on ONE PAGE so the viewer does NOT have to scroll down to read it all.

Click HERE to see a PERFECT example.
Click HERE to see ANOTHER perfect example.

Honestly, no one who is surfing in order to get through 12-20 sites and earn their daily money cares about your "Singapore Travel Guide" home page, or your Goji Juice or your Vacation Agency Service or whatever it is that hogs up the screen at the time. What they need to see is a big bold BENEFIT STATEMENT of some kind like, "Who Else Wants to Learn How People Are Making Huge Profits With FREE Blogs?! Because For a Limited Time Only My Book On How to PROFIT With FREE BLOGS is....FREE!"

That's it, something short and a signup form. Then they get on your mail list for future updates and can get right back to surfing. LATER...LATERRRR, since they are on your mailing list, you can follow up with your goji juice, your xango, your eGolf, or anything else you promote. But when they are IN the autosurf, just trying to earn their daily bread, anything more than a 1-page lead capture mini-site type promotion is going to go LARGELY unnoticed.


If you go back to the example I gave you here, you'll see that the moment you sign up there's an INSTANT ONE-TIME-ONLY UPSELL OFFER. A simple, low-priced offer that offers more help to those who have no idea about what to blog about. It contains 75 topics. Several days later, I offer a membership to Private Label Article Sites where you can get 10000s of articles and put your own name on them!! So you don't even have to write!

Are you getting this so far?

So for that to happen, you'd have to know how to set up a mini-site all on your own.

And GUESS WHAT?! I am genuinely not a fly-by-night marketer...I find THE BEST STUFF for my highly valued, trusting readers. Here's a site by a guy named Daniel Kelly. It's called "Mini Sites Made Easy" - MADE EASY! Say it again...MADE EASY.

What's REALLY cool about his service is not only is it THE BEST COURSE on how to create killer mini-sites from head to toe even if you are a total NEWBIE, but it's ALL on VIDEO so you get to SEE everything being done, step by step by step. And he explains it so well.


What's REALLLLY cool about it is that he is SO CONFIDENT in his product (as am I) that he will let you into the members area to view EVERYTHING for 2 Whole Weeks, that's 14 Days, for just...


Yes, that's not a typo. It's not an error. One dollar and you can see every last step by step killer video he offers on how to create top notch, first-class, perfect mini sites...and for a whole two weeks! That's plenty of time to decide whether or not it can propel you into the WIN column for some big profits. So here's his site....

But wait, I'm not done with you yet!

Building a proper lead capture mini-site doesn't happen overnight. So it'll take you a little while to learn the skill but get it through your skull that it's IMPORTANT. I make multiple sales EVERY DAY from autosurf and get dozens of signups, and more, and the extra $100-$250 each day is a godsend. Don't you want that?

So you're going to need something to actually sell.'s my wisdom going to work for don't want something that EVERYONE ELSE will be selling (Unless its a service. I'll explain in a minute.) The best THING (not a service) you can be SELLING is something that has what are called, "PRIVATE LABEL RESALE RIGHTS". In short, that means you are given permission to take the products in question and to put your name on them. YES, you can say they are YOURS that YOU made them. You can even have different graphics made up for the stuff, whatever you want...keep it simple, or if you like, get complex. Either way is fine but it's important to know that the choices is YOURS.
I'm going to show you just such a PERFECT PRODUCT with Private Label Resale Rights in a moment. But first...a word about selling a service.
It's ok to sell a service that a lot of others are selling if it's a service that everyone can use because services have a different FEEL to them than info products. But no matter what you sell, the BEST RESULTS are obtained with the SMALL LEAD CAPTURE PAGE that kicks off the mini-site.

So, in closing, I'm going to point you to every single resource you need to make some BIG*SS PROFITS whether you use autosurf, manual traffic exchanges, or just want to make a go at internet marketing in general. And once you take advantage of what were once MY private resources, you WILL thank me later! Just wait and see!
Here they are:
(This points to my other blog where you will find a very short article and a valuable COUPON that gets you a PERMANENT discount to a top-notch, first class, monthly service!) and lastly,

So there you go...a LESSON...a Private Label Resale Rights Monthly Products Membership and a Service that makes you $500/day. Now you can see that when given so many things to start profiting from handsomely, the only one holding you back is you...! So go get it! Start earning some big bucks like me and others who use this stuff!
Good luck and God Bless,
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