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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Was 12DailyPRO a Legitimate HYIP (If Not, What IS?)

To fully understand HYIP, it's important to first understand: 1) what an HYIP is, 2) how a legitimate HYIP works and 3) how people invest in the HYIP.


HYIPs are investment programs that offer high returns quickly. Like stock trading the more you invest the more gain you receive. Unlike stocks, however, HYIPs offer more of a return for a smaller investment. The reason why HYIPs can do this is because some of the money is funded from new membership. However, HYIPs that last DO NOT and CANNOT function on new member money alone. They must have other legitimate methods of generating revenue. If they don't the HYIP is really a Ponzi scheme and will collapse eventually. This
will be discussed in more detail later in the article.

There are two types of HYIPs that are popular online:

1) those that require a person to do nothing but simply invest; and,
2) those that require a person to view advertisements.

The latter has gained more popularity through a concept known as
the paid autosurf. Autosurfs that are HYIP-based operate on the same principle as television does: offering members something 'free' for viewing advertisements. In this case the freebie is money. If the autosurf is not HYIP-based, it will offer advertising credits for its members. The more credits a member receives, the more they can advertise their sites.


Unfortunately, because of greedy, unscrupulous people, a large percentage of HYIPs are scams. This is especially the case with HYIPs not based on advertising revenue though there are shady autosurfs out there too. But the reason why HYIPs not based on advertising are more dangerous is because there is even less certainty on where and how funds are being generated. At least with advertising-based HYIPs one can usually see that they are selling advertising, whether through an 'Advertise on our site' link at the bottom of their web site or even an Ebay auction. However, the HYIP that is not based on advertising usually won't make it apparent how they are generating income streams. If they don't have some fluff about making money through Forex or other legitimate trading methods, they may have the audacity to say they are a ponzi. Whether they say it or not, if they don't have other ways of making income they are nothing more than a ponzi. So this means that the ONLY way they are generating funds are through new member signups. When new members stop joining the scheme the program will collapse. This is assuming the owner is 'honest' enough to let it run that long. Sometimes individuals using the ponzi scheme will let it run for a few months, then after getting a healthy build-up of member investments, flee with the money.

Okay, so keeping all this in mind how can one distinguish the legitimate HYIP from the typical HYIP which is a scam? Below are some factors which are common to the legitimate HYIP.

1) Legitimate HYIP sites will generate revenue from a variety of sources

Member signups alone are not enough to keep a legitimate HYIP running. This is because when new members stop signing up (which is inevitable even for established membership-based businesses), the HYIP's revenue source is gone. So if an HYIP is legitimate it must sell a service or product or invest in stable trades FOR REAL.

PHOENIX SURF is an example of a legitimate HYIP whose parent company, "New Millenium Enterprise" generates additional revenue through pixel advertising, GDI domain sales, and advertising services to name a few.

2) Legitimate HYIP business owners can be contacted

HYIP business owners who are serious about their business will treat it as such. This means they will establish a company just like any other entrepreneur and reveal their contact information. If an HYIP webmaster can give no verifiable information about their 'company' including telephone number beware, although having a well-moderated, responsive forum is a great second.

PHOENIX SURF is operated by a company known as New Millennium Enterprise, a registered business.

3) Legitimate HYIPs receive positive feedback

HYIP monitors are sites which evaluate HYIPs. If they pay then they receive a positive rating. If not, they receive a negative rating. Legitimate HYIPs tend to get mostly positive rating through HYIP monitors.

PHOENIX SURF, as of the time of this post, has paid me FOUR TIMES! And my referral base is also being paid in a timely manner!

Legitimate HYIPs also receive positive feedback on virtually any place on the web, even those not related to investing. PHOENIX SURF, for example, has received 100s and 100s of testimonials from people on a variety of websites and message boards.


The best way to invest in an HYIP depends...

...if you know nothing about the HYIP and are not satisified by the info and testimonials you have received about it, then start with a small "test spend"; OR,
...if you are familiar with the HYIP or autosurf and have enough data, or testimonial to trust it sufficiently, you might consider joining what some people refer to as (the fictitious) "Bang It In BIG Club."

The "Bang-It-In-Bigger"s are those who realize that even a small "test spend" doesn't guarantee that an hyip won't collapse the next week so they do as much DUE DILIGENCE as they can and then they go in big.

They do so in order to be able to start playing with their PROFITS as soon as possible!

Once investors are comfortable that an HYIP is legitimate, they try to recover their initial investment as quickly as possible. After this, they invest using their profits so the risk of 'losing' is minimized. If something does happen to the HYIP it doesn't matter as much because they were playing around with just their profit anyway.

For example, a $6,000 investment PHOENIX SURF will yield a reasonable, sustainable $1200 profit in 8 days. When your cashout arrives, you can then reinvest the $1200 PROFIT and continue playing with that virtually risk-free because it is PROFIT, not principle.


Indeed, the HYIP game may not be for every investor, but for those who want a high return quickly it is an excellent alternative. And despite the number of HYIP that seem shady, there are thousands if not millions who have made money through HYIPs. So while there is a risk of loss, (which is also present for conventional trading methods), investors continue utilizing HYIPs simply because the gain is so profound.

Before you JOIN PHOENIX SURF, make sure to view the short, two-minute movie found here.



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