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Friday, April 21, 2006

Why Paid Autosurf Makes Me Happy!

As most of my **valued** readers know by now, I got stung in the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco to the tune of $6,000. What stung even worse was that everything took a dive a mere FOUR (4) days after I had joined. I invested six grand in an autosurf and waved goodbye to it a short 4 days later. So why? Why, oh why, oh why, am I promoting paid autosurf and investing in it again?!

Readers of my other blog, "Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog" are wondering,

"What's Wrong With You, Sam?!
Have You Gone Nuts?!"

No. No, I haven't. It's really simple...

The first time I entered paid autosurf, it was at the persistent request of a close friend. I knew nothing about the autosurf except that in its earliest inception, it was one of the most ineffective forms of advertising, mainly good for manipulating banner exchanges, or any company that gives you a credit for showing their ads. You'd dump a bunch of ads or banners on a page then run it through the autosurf on autopilot and rack up a bunch of ad credits in those various other exchanges.

But when my friend came to me and asked my opinion of 12DailyPRO, I had almost the exact same reaction as many do now when I tell them about

Phoenix Surf ; AND

Wired Surf

I said, and I am quoting VERBATIM, "That? It's a scam. You'd have a better chance of hitting (a big prize on) a scratch ticket." That's EXACTLY what I said to him.

But he persisted. And to this day, he still has no idea what an excellent marketer he is because he is NOT an online kind of guy, but here he was, week after week, showing me these MASSIVE earnings. I saw them with my own eyes but continued to delay. My other friends were in it, too, and they started showing me their BIG checks. Eventually, the pressure became too much and I said, "What the heck, let's go."

Now, when I go...I go big! So I wasn't going to tip-toe in with $6...I was going to get in, make 3 big paydays, then play only with the profits. It's a great strategy and remains so to this day! But, you know the story now, as fate would have it, the autosurf crack pipe broke and everyone went scrambling for the nearest newspaper (hence, the birth of this blog.)

I did my homework this time. How's that for simple? I first brainstormed as to how an autosurf might REALLY be sustainable and came up with this:

Then I proceeded to find paid autosurfs that proceeded by that model, or very close to it. I came to rest on Phoenix Surf (and most recently, Wired Surf) which, to me, has the right mix of communication, professionalism and ambition. It doesn't hurt that I've been PAID SIX TIMES! It doesn't hurt that my referrals are all getting paid well and on time, either. Some of them are making $1200 EVERY 8 DAYS!

Now we are not all prepared to go in to that extent, but let me tell you how I am making things VERY good for my referrals. I am currently offering FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of the referral commission earned on them for their first 3 spends.

This means that you can make significantly MORE profit in a very short period of time. Then I counsel people who are not the let-it-ride types (like me) but more nervous, to pull back their initial investment and just play with the profit. FAST TRACKING $1000 would net you somewhere in the neighborhood of $650 in the first 30 days!

Instead of working your fingers to the bone with a $100 spend just to get it up to $200, you take the plunge with the rest of us and start working with something significant in record time! Here's another way to play it if you're REALLY nervous:
  • Day 1 - $1000 upgrade

  • Day 8 - $1200 pending minus 5% Fast Track plus $40 kickback from me.

  • Day 10 - Fast Track early cashout of $1180 - Bank the $180.

  • Day 10 - Reupgrade $1000 and repeat for 2 more cycles.

The result is you pull back a little each week to decrease your risk and therefore your nervous stress. You earn less than letting it ride for 3 cycles, but you still end up with a handsome $540 profit to play with from then on FREE & CLEAR!

With $540 free and clear, you can then go on to earn a constantly increasing weekly profit beginning with $108 your first cycle. FREE AND CLEAR...

You wanna play? Or you wanna keep sitting on the fence? Play? Sit on the fence? Play?! Sit on the Fence? PLAY...! Come play with us!

Here to help with the goods!
ps. If you need help setting up an eGold account (plus getting referrals for Phoenix Surf) you can find it here:
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