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Friday, April 28, 2006

Prevent Your eGold Account From Being Hacked!

Hacked eGold accounts seem to be on the rise. It may or may not be that it's actually happening more; it could be that it's just being reported more - as could happen with any news topic. But the fact is, that after the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco, the autosurf industry didn't diminish -- it BOOMED. With 350, 000 former 12DailyPRO members, and not ALL of them losing money, the temptation to suck up all those hungry homeless surfers spawned the birth of, at least, dozens (perhaps 100s) of new autosurfs.

With Stormpay out of the picture, Paypal not even an option, EMO so quickly poofed out of existence by the State of Texas and places like Safepay, Alertpay, and IntGold not having a strong enough presence to WOW people into a sense of comfort and security, EGOLD sorta kinda just happened to come out on top as the DE FACTO payment processor for autosurf and hyip-related activity.

Add to that, eGold had alread by survived a government inquiry which, though only scheduled to result in a 3 hour downtime, lasted a full 36 hours (as explained by eGold at their website). So people felt that if eGold hadn't been shut down from that, they wouldn't be any time soon ("what doesn't kill me makes me stronger!", right?). It's just my personal suspicion that in order to avoid a government-induced meltdown, eGold had to agree to SOME kind of coerced government surveillance a-la-"Patriot Act" and it was either that or bye-bye eGold. But THAT much is pure speculation on the part of this author. (And if I'm right, it's not because they want to spy on ordinary citizens like you and me, but rather on those who may be using the quick, big earnings of autosurf to fund terrorist operations where the US dollar goes a long way.)

Now on to the issue of having one's eGold account hacked:

Here is what I read on the Wired Surf forum (15% for 9 days!) which prompted me to write this article:

"Hi Members~Thought you may want to read this email I got from one of your fellow members. I've just had my egold account hacked and I've finally found out how it's being done to a lot of people. There is a trojan virus being spread and if you have it you'll have the file gdiwxp.dll This file doesn't show up in any virus checks until a new update of Norton today. It copies your log-in to egold then it empties your account at will. One symptom of it is that when you try logging in to egold you get kicked out due to wrong info, sometimes only once but other times 2 or 3 times. Please let your people know about this. It only got me for $5.20 right after you paid me. But I'm sure there are people out there that stand to lose a lot more than that including YOU!

The file is usually found in C:\Windows\System32\ Norton Antivirus will pick this file up as a virus now but it can't be deleted by Norton or yourself. But it's not protected from a name change. I changed the name to gdiwxp2.dll and then could delete it. If it still won't delete after the name change then reboot and delete the changed name file THEN. In addition: It has been about for a while. At present there is no reports of this affecting Firefox users, just IE. It also comes under a different name too, check for gdiwxp.dll as well as gdiw2k.dll depending on which variant of windows you are running. In addition, this Malaware can be detected and removed with Ewido Malaware Checker found HERE. (28 Day free trial). This [trojan] not only affects egold, but as it acts as a datalogger too, it could log passwords account #'s etc. etc. Hope that helps."

NOTE FROM SAM: I visited the Ewido site. It LOOKS legit, but I did not download their malware checker. It's probably fine, but do so at your own risk.]

Another Wired Surf forum member replied with the following:

"Yeah, i have been hacked from this trojan two weeks back, it cost me over $1000, really people dont let this happen to you. one more sympton is that you are requested to enter the turing number (the image code number) on the next page after login, it basically allows your automation access to your e-gold account which SHOULD be set to blocked/disabled, then it drains your money using that automation access.i know this coz i have some experience with this bloody trojan. one more thing, stop using Internet Explorer, Start using Firefox, IE isnt that secure and that this trojan only works on IE, not on Firefox as this is what google's research told me."

[NOTE FROM SAM: Click On the Button At the End of This Post to Obtain the Google Toolbar/Firefox Combo for Safer, Faster Browsing.]

So, like it or not, we have to deal with the fact that somebody, or some bodies, out there is actively hunting down people like us in order to drain our eGold accounts. So we have to understand how we can protect ourselves. This is something I picked up from an hyip forum:

EGold web site is secure and can not be hacked:
The only way that people can get into your egold account, and steal your money is by getting your password. To avoid your e-gold account of being "hacked": Your password must be a random combination of letters and numbers at least 10 charecters long.
For example - W6hJx99iqT. Also...

  • Do not use a single word as your password.
  • Store your password in a safe place. Preferably in a notebook.
  • Do not use your e-gold password, as password for any other site.
  • Always use the security keyboard to enter your password, and also to change your password. (This way, even if you have keyloggers or trojans on your computer, they will not be able to detect your password.)
  • Activate the Account Sentinel in your egold account to detect any changes in your IP address or browser. And block automation.
  • Do not trust any emails claiming to be sent from e-gold.
  • Do not click on any links to the e-gold site in emails.
  • Use a good firewall
    Download the best firewall
  • And, a good antivirus program (AVG is free) to prevent keyloggers from stealing your password.
  • Double check if you are at real e-gold web site before entering your password.
  • Check for active padlock in the browser status bar.
  • URL must start with
  • Use e-gold IP address to go to the site. (
  • If you are using e-gold spend form, check if you are on real egold page by viewing page source code (various methods: browser bugs or International Domain Names) can be used to make you see spoofed page which looks exactly the same as real e-gold page.)
  • Refresh the page, and check to see if the turing number changes
  • Check the SSL certificate.
    At the e-gold web site, these values are:
    Issued to:
    Issued by: VeriSign
    Valid from: 11/22/2004 to 12/1/2006
    Thumbprint: F84F 522C E958 A443 5A37 8934 6D77 2D70 096C 6A82
  • To reduce risk of being attacked by trojans and keyloggers, avoid using Internet Explorer or any other IE based web browser and instead use FireFox with the Google Toolbar. (Should be a button at the end of this post that leads to it. It's free!)

Alright, that oughta do it, fellow surfer. Tighten up that account. Believe me when I tell you that no one who has been hacked ever thought it would be them!

Your friend,
Sam Freedom.
Oh, PS! There IS one more unrivalled resource that you absolutely MUST SEE in order to prevent not only your eGold account from being hacked, but to prevent ANYTHING from being hacked. This may seem like "just another product" but I assure you, I know the author, and it is THE BEST HACKER PREVENTION RESOURCE available on the net EVER!

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Spend a LITTLE now in order to save a LOT later. Click HERE to obtain it!
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