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Thursday, March 30, 2006

How to PROFIT MASSIVELY From Your Autosurf Advertising!

In the near future, I'll write up a little course that goes into much greater detail, but suffice it to say that I've spoken to a LOT of people who are happily earning in paid autosurf and most of them have absolutely ZERO experience in MAKING MONEY ONLINE.

What we forget is that paid autosurf, like 12DailyPRO, is NOT really about earning X% on your money. That's just the side benefit of purchasing the autosurf's ADVERTISING packge "upgrade", remember? And the X% earnings aren't even guaranteed, right? So, they say, "risk only what you can afford to lose", right? (if you don't know this, then you should really read the Terms of Service of each autosurf, they can't promise earnings without violating the law.)

But what you ARE guaranteed is that your money gets you ADVERTISING CREDITS. And if you're like most people, you have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER how to use those credits for MASSIVE RESULTS! Since I am limited on time, I am going to give you a very quick mini-course on how to BEST use autosurf for PROFITABLE advertising.

First...what NOT to do and WHY:

Do NOT Advertise Sales Pages unless they are true works of art. Do YOU really read all the long sales pages that you see when surfing? Maybe SOME, but hardly all. If you're like most people, you just want to surf the minimum number of sites, earn your money and get back to something more pleasurable or more important.

So if you want to make money, you have to GRAB peoples' ATTENTION - FAST and EARLY - and then HOLD IT! You do this by offering a SMALL LEAD CAPTURE form that fits neatly on ONE PAGE so the viewer does NOT have to scroll down to read it all.

Click HERE to see a PERFECT example.
Click HERE to see ANOTHER perfect example.

Honestly, no one who is surfing in order to get through 12-20 sites and earn their daily money cares about your "Singapore Travel Guide" home page, or your Goji Juice or your Vacation Agency Service or whatever it is that hogs up the screen at the time. What they need to see is a big bold BENEFIT STATEMENT of some kind like, "Who Else Wants to Learn How People Are Making Huge Profits With FREE Blogs?! Because For a Limited Time Only My Book On How to PROFIT With FREE BLOGS is....FREE!"

That's it, something short and a signup form. Then they get on your mail list for future updates and can get right back to surfing. LATER...LATERRRR, since they are on your mailing list, you can follow up with your goji juice, your xango, your eGolf, or anything else you promote. But when they are IN the autosurf, just trying to earn their daily bread, anything more than a 1-page lead capture mini-site type promotion is going to go LARGELY unnoticed.


If you go back to the example I gave you here, you'll see that the moment you sign up there's an INSTANT ONE-TIME-ONLY UPSELL OFFER. A simple, low-priced offer that offers more help to those who have no idea about what to blog about. It contains 75 topics. Several days later, I offer a membership to Private Label Article Sites where you can get 10000s of articles and put your own name on them!! So you don't even have to write!

Are you getting this so far?

So for that to happen, you'd have to know how to set up a mini-site all on your own.

And GUESS WHAT?! I am genuinely not a fly-by-night marketer...I find THE BEST STUFF for my highly valued, trusting readers. Here's a site by a guy named Daniel Kelly. It's called "Mini Sites Made Easy" - MADE EASY! Say it again...MADE EASY.

What's REALLY cool about his service is not only is it THE BEST COURSE on how to create killer mini-sites from head to toe even if you are a total NEWBIE, but it's ALL on VIDEO so you get to SEE everything being done, step by step by step. And he explains it so well.


What's REALLLLY cool about it is that he is SO CONFIDENT in his product (as am I) that he will let you into the members area to view EVERYTHING for 2 Whole Weeks, that's 14 Days, for just...


Yes, that's not a typo. It's not an error. One dollar and you can see every last step by step killer video he offers on how to create top notch, first-class, perfect mini sites...and for a whole two weeks! That's plenty of time to decide whether or not it can propel you into the WIN column for some big profits. So here's his site....

But wait, I'm not done with you yet!

Building a proper lead capture mini-site doesn't happen overnight. So it'll take you a little while to learn the skill but get it through your skull that it's IMPORTANT. I make multiple sales EVERY DAY from autosurf and get dozens of signups, and more, and the extra $100-$250 each day is a godsend. Don't you want that?

So you're going to need something to actually sell.'s my wisdom going to work for don't want something that EVERYONE ELSE will be selling (Unless its a service. I'll explain in a minute.) The best THING (not a service) you can be SELLING is something that has what are called, "PRIVATE LABEL RESALE RIGHTS". In short, that means you are given permission to take the products in question and to put your name on them. YES, you can say they are YOURS that YOU made them. You can even have different graphics made up for the stuff, whatever you want...keep it simple, or if you like, get complex. Either way is fine but it's important to know that the choices is YOURS.
I'm going to show you just such a PERFECT PRODUCT with Private Label Resale Rights in a moment. But first...a word about selling a service.
It's ok to sell a service that a lot of others are selling if it's a service that everyone can use because services have a different FEEL to them than info products. But no matter what you sell, the BEST RESULTS are obtained with the SMALL LEAD CAPTURE PAGE that kicks off the mini-site.

So, in closing, I'm going to point you to every single resource you need to make some BIG*SS PROFITS whether you use autosurf, manual traffic exchanges, or just want to make a go at internet marketing in general. And once you take advantage of what were once MY private resources, you WILL thank me later! Just wait and see!
Here they are:
(This points to my other blog where you will find a very short article and a valuable COUPON that gets you a PERMANENT discount to a top-notch, first class, monthly service!) and lastly,

So there you go...a LESSON...a Private Label Resale Rights Monthly Products Membership and a Service that makes you $500/day. Now you can see that when given so many things to start profiting from handsomely, the only one holding you back is you...! So go get it! Start earning some big bucks like me and others who use this stuff!
Good luck and God Bless,
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Friday, March 24, 2006

Here's How I Quickly Recovered $6k Lost In 12DailyPRO

I only lost $6k to 12DailyPro and Stormpay, thank heavens. But I've spoken, by phone, with dozens of people, and it's just really sad to hear from all these people who lost WAY MORE than I. So, being a successful interenet marketer for the last 3 years now, and with a heart that's big and gold, I struck out to find a way for others less fortunate than me to make their money back QUICKLY. And thankfully, I've discovered a way.

It's A Combination Of Two Things.

I learned a long time ago that combining seperate things in just the right way can lead to much greater results than each seperate thing alone. I'd already written about these two things seperately but only began to combine them recently and the results have been ASTOUNDING!

The first is called "The 1-Step System" and you have only ONE STEP to start earning $500 checks over and over. After your 3rd sale, it's PURE PROFIT from then on and the way they have it set up, your 3rd sale on begins a potential AVALANCHE of INDIRECT $500 commissions.

But How?!

Very simply and it's very real. Here's the original article I wrote. It will open in a new window so you won't lose this page. It will blow your mind that something like this really exists!:

Also, go directly to MY 1-STEP SYSTEM WEBPAGE so you can see what YOURS will look like and what it will do for YOU!


Here's where YOU go into hyperdrive. See, most of the people who are doing the 1-Step System realize they only have to make 3 sales to make their money back and that everything after that, DIRECT and the resulting INDIRECT sales are pure profit. But if they aren't already internet marketing they have to then figure out how to make it to those 3 sales and beyond.
FORTUNATELY, the 1-Step System gives EVERYONE a GREAT back office full of all kinds of help and marketing materials. It is loaded with audios and videos that are geared to both the total novice AND the experienced marketer. So you're ALREADY set to go in that regard...


But YOU have something most of these other marketers DON'T have: PAID AUTOSURF.


Most marketers, especially those with ELITE attitudes think of Autosurf and Traffic Exchange advertising as beneath them. They argue that it's the worst kind of marketing around. But that's because they are IGNORANT and, even worse, they don't know it.

The fact is, those negative marketers are totally unaware of just how HUGE the paid autosurf industry has become. They aren't aware that a company like 12DailyPRO had 350,000 members! THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND MEMBERS!!! Each watching a MINIMUM of 12 advertisements PER DAY!

"Yeah, but they're on autopilot, people just start surfing and walk away, right?"


I would start surfing and then go read my email. And what happens after the timer winds down? The next ad shot to the surface of my browser windows and I would see EVERY OTHER AD that shot to the surface after the timer wound down.


The 1-Step System, where EVERYTHING after your third sale is PURE PROFIT of $500 commissions over and over, forever more, is perfect to use in paid autosurf, but it's even BETTER to use in PHOENIX SURF. But why...?


1) Phoenix Surf is very professional, extra communicative and doing their very best to ensure longevity. In an effort to conform to SEC regulations, they have gone to manual surf. So big deal if you have to spend a full 4.5 minutes surfing each day. That also happens to mean that EVERY ONE OF THEIR 10,000+ MEMBERS IS DEFINITELY LOOKING AT YOUR ADS!

2) Most of the people in Paid Autosurf don't have a website of their own to promote. You know they don't mind either because, like you, they're all really in it for the autosurf money they get from surfing. Sometimes they advertise their affiliate link to other autosurfs, but imagine giving them something to advertise that will earn them $500 per sale!! Something that takes only 3 sales to break even and then everything after, directly and indirectly is pure profit! And just imagine how excited and curious they will feel when they spend 15 seconds STARING at an ad that looks like this: Your 1-Step System Site!

3) Getting Referrals in Phoenix Surf is EASY! While I advertise the 1-Step System in many autosurfs, I do especially well in Phoenix Surf because of both reason #1 above - they changed to manual surfing so people MUST watch your ads, but also because we all know that a lot of big extra money comes from obtaining REFERRALS under us in the autosurfs. We earn commissions several times per month when referrals upgrade in autosurf, but we also know that it's not so easy to get referrals! It can be quite tedious and time consuming to have to explain everything over and over again.

Well, thank your stars because with Phoenix Surf, that just changed! No other autosurf that I know of has a user-created REFERRAL GENERATING SYSTEM like this! We ALL like getting referrals but we also know it can be tedious and time consuming to have to explain everything, including how to join, over and over again.

Now you only have to point people to your very own referral generating system and it shows them a short movie and explains EVERYTHING to them for you...even while you sleep!!

So Here's The 2-Step Combo I've Used to Recover All My 12DailyPRO Funds And More...

If you'd like to recover your funds too (or just make a whole lot of money, period!) then follow these simple instructions:

1) Watch this short movie about earning with Phoenix Surf and follow their take-you-by-the-hand instructions;
2) Look at my 1-Step System website and signup for the free 37-minute teleconference that will explain how THEY will work at making YOU a whole lot of $500 commissions; and,
3) Promote your own personal 1-Step System website in all of your autosurfs (and anywhere else you want!) and pretty soon you'll see what I'm seeing every day...

(notice the time and fee are different from the first pic...this is what I live with every day! And you can too if you Act Now!)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Will I REALLY Make $500 Per Day With The 1-Step System?

So, Will I Really Make $500 Per Day With the 1-Step System?

I want to resolve this common question I have been receiving lately.

The premise of the 1-Step System is that you have 1 step to perform in order to start making $500/day over and over and that get people to your 1 Step System replicated Website. I'm drop dead serious when I say that your site and their teleconference presentation are VERY attractive and it does ALL the work of signing people up for you. Take a second and you'll see exactly what I mean: My 1-Step System Website.

So, Will I Really Make $500 Per Day?

Yes! But you probably won't make it from Day 1. You might make only $500 per week when you first start out, but due to the 1-Step System's Aussie 2-up system, it can eventually reach $500 (and more!) per day, just not immediately. Like me, or anyone else making good mon'ey online,you have to make an initial effort to get over the first hump and then, essentially, you get to coast for a while. My first effort was in advertising this in PAID AUTOSURF!

Here's an example of how you will end up making many INDIRECT sales on AUTOPILOT...

In the Aussie 2-up, you give your first 2 sales to your sponsor - Boohoo! But that will only bother you if you continue to think like a consumer. I would rather you think like a business owner and think of what it means to RECEIVE the first 2 sales from YOUR referrals.

Now Watch Closely...

You pass up your first 2 sales (big deal)...
Your 3rd sale pays you back 95% of your original investment.
So THAT'S a big relief.
Now, are you ready for what comes next....?


And that PURE profit can come from either your next DIRECT sales, OR from the Aussie 2-up referrals you receive FROM your DIRECT sales. Here's another way to illustrate this...

You make your 3rd DIRECT sale (referral). So watch this now...
That person gives you THEIR first 2 sales (referrals) ($1000).
Then THOSE 2 referrals give you THEIR first 2 referrals
(4 - $2000).
Then THOSE 4 referrals give you THEIR first 2 referrals
(8 - $4000)
And so on and so on...

So EACH Direct Sale You Make Beyond the Second Has the Potential of DOUBLING OVER AND OVER AGAIN Without Your Involvement!

You can receive ALL those INDIRECT sales starting from your 3rd referral -- INDIRECT sales for which you did absolutely NO EXTRA WORK AT ALL!

Every DIRECT sale you make beyond the 2nd goes to work for YOU because of the Aussie 2-up system whereby you recieve the first 2 sales from EVERYONE you sign up directly AND from everyone that gets passed up to you indirectly! One initial super effort in promoting 1-Step System and that can add up REALLY FAST!

So tell me you can't make $500 per day by making the initial effort to get to that 3rd direct sale and beyond and I'll tell you that you aren't cut out to be in online business.

But Stop And Think Of It This Way, Too...

Where else can you make virtually 100% return on your investment over and over and over again with each sale starting an AVALANCHE of INDIRECT sales for you on autopilot?

NOWHERE....nowhere I know of anyhow.

So if you've been swamped with a bunch of emails raving about the 1-Step System, remember who takes the time out to explains things to you and to answer your questions frankly and as accurately as possible....Sam Freedom, that's who.

Remember also! Instead of thinking of how much it will cost you, think of how much it can MAKE YOU. The 3rd sale pays you back around 95% of your original investment and all the direct and indirect (aussie 2-up) sales are, from there on out, pure and total profit forever and ever. Pretty awesome, huh?!

So join me here:
Your first payment is for your marketing toolbox and make 100% sure your second payment goes to MASTERIGHTS.BIZ because I only give help and advice to people on my team.

Once that's done, I'll have to activate your website so you can set up payment options and start earning money!

Here's to Your Profitable Future!
PS. Fear has no place in these matters. Those who make intelligent sincere efforts always win the day. Your 1-Step System back office (marketing toolbox) has an ABUNDANCE of marketing materials, audios and videos...all easily help you get started promoting in any number of places. If, at this point, you are concerned about making it to your 3rd sale, you really need to be pushed out of the nest! GET STARTED NOW!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Former 12DailyPRO Members Earn $500 Per Day Here!

"Finally, the long awaited launch date for the 1StepSystem has been announced! Emails and phone calls have been pouring in at an unbelievable volume all day as a result of this exciting news." The announcement was made today in a posting to all members of the 1StepSystem According to the announcement, which was posted on the Member's Home Page of the "1-StepSystem's Virtual Back Office," Rod Stinson and Chris Koehl were quoted as saying, "Our expectations for growth have been abundantly exceeded. No doubt, big things ahead for all of us, we’ve only just laid the foundations for massive growth to follow. Our official Launch of the 1StepSystem begins on March 20th.

Although the 1StepSystem opened its doors to the public on January 14, 2006, the thousands of members who have already joined have only been able to earn income on their first level. Officially launching will now give members the opportunity to earn a lot more money. The pay plan will turn into what is technically known as an "Aussie 2up." Rod Stinson & Chris Koehl, CoFounders of the 1StepSystem, are being hailed by industry experts. They are the hottest duo in this space, with incredible track records. Chris Koehl created the online marketing systems for Xango, Oasis Wellness Network, Pro-Step, SeaSilver, LifeForce International, Mannatech, My Golden, Best, Precision and Credit Secrets Bible .com to name a few. Rod Stinson was rated as "One of the Top 20 Network Marketers in the World," and has built Multi-Million dollar MLM organizations, with hundreds of thousands of people in his downlines.

Being on the inside track, Chris knew the pitfalls of MLM businesses. "Sometimes the problem was the product being marketed, sometimes it was the pay plan, sometimes it was the owners or administrators of my system, and sometimes it was all three. Needless to say it was frustrating. I spent years perfecting my online system but could never find the right business model to plug it into…then…Rod Called. You know, sometimes you know, when you know. 5 minutes into our conversation I began to get goose bumps, the idea Rod had was exactly what my system needed to be married to--and by doing so, all the previous challenges would be eliminated."

Rod & Chris wanted to build an organization where finally, those that have been unsuccessful with network marketing over the years, could finally have the chance to become extremely successful. They wanted to give back, and by doing so, are currently paying out the highest percentage of any other company in the history of the network marketing industry. For every $597 sale that occurs, $500 gets paid directly to the sponsor. That's an unheard of 83.7% Payout with a 2-UP Downline!. And, there's No Selling involved! This is Passive Income at its finest. The price isn't exorbitant and out of reach for most people like the other companies out there. The prospect is directed to a website, where they sign up for the Free 37 Minute Teleseminar. This is held live, Monday - Friday, 6:27pm (PST) / 8:27pm (CST) / 9:27pm (EST). And guess who hosts the Teleseminar? You guessed it, none other than Rod Stinson himself.

For those who can't attend for whatever reason, an email will automatically be generated with a link to the previous night's recorded Free Teleseminar.

"I don't even need to communicate with my prospects, and they send me $500 directly into my account," says Dawn Henderson. "On my first sale, I practically made back all the money I initially laid out, and I did that in less than an hour after I joined."

Laura Goodman said, "I have tried so many other MLM & Network Marketing opportunities and had always failed. This is the first time I have ever had success at it, and it's the least I've ever had to work."

According to David Track, "I would easily pay $500 for the "ultimate marketer tool box" which consists of proprietary software and other marketing tools designed to help increase sales in any business, whether online or off. Being the owner of an invention marketing company, it has already helped us immensely in our marketing efforts, and has also assisted me in rapidly growing the 1StepSystem business. In fact, I am already earning more with the 1StepSystem then I do at my own company, and I started 1/28/06!"

Contact: Sam Freedom

Or, SignUp And Become An Associate:
1StepSystem - Earn $500/Day Virtually on Autopilot!

And Attend Tonight's Free Live 37 Minute Teleseminar:
1StepSystem 37 Minute Seminar!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh EMO! Oh EMO! Wherefore Art Thou, My EMO?

For those of you who weren't a victim of 12DailyPRO and Stormpay's inability to get along and play nice, you're just in time for the next fiasco -- EMO CORP. Like Stormpay, EMO Corp is a payment processor. EMO held themselves out to be extra super serious and that seemed all too true with their super serious requirement of your drivers license, bank account statement and utility bill in order to open an account in your name.

Wow, they must be for real!

Well, they seemed to be going along just fine until the state of TEXAS took EMO over and appointed a receiver to control the company. Aparrently EMO didn't have enough money to pay off people "in case of an emergency." They allegedly just didn't have the funds. But how much were they short?

Ohhhhhhh, about $2,000,000 - Just two million dollars folks. No big deal, right? Well, click the pic below to see the full statement from the government of Texas. It's on the EMO corp website so's ya know it's for real.

And while you're at it,
For what it's worth, Phoenix Surf IS diligently paying out. I've been paid. My referrals have been getting paid, and right at this very moment, I am being paid again! They're maintaining a professional appearance, keeping people informed and doing whatever they can to stay compliant with the law. And I just love the getting paid part! Sam

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PHOENIX SURF Compared To 12DailyPRO!

With 12DailyPRO and Stormpay having landed in the jaws of the SEC, a sizeable 350,000 paid to surf fanatics are cautiously looking for other autosurfs in which they can begin to recoup some of their losses. Phoenix Surf, it seems, is shaping up to be one very fine place to do just that.

(If you're the kind of person who wants to learn, but has trouble READING, or reading a lot, then just CLICK HERE and you can watch a really nice movie about Phoenix Surf plus get all the step by step instructions you need to get started right away. You can even use this to help YOU get referrals for yourself!)

First, it's very important to remember that not everyone lost money in 12DailyPRO. Mainly those who got in towards the end took the brunt of the crash so that many of those who HAD won SOMETHING weren't as turned off to auto surf as one might want to believe. Instead, many were like, "Alright, so what's next?" while those who had lost began searching for forums and blogs on which to air their gripes AND stay abreast of 12DailyPRO vs. Stormpay current events. Hence, the 12DailyPRO Madness Blog.

To cut to the chase, one of the new players to the scene, Phoenix Surf, began to emerge as THE ANSWER to the recent spate of woes in the autosurf industry. Their ULTIMATE SELLING PROPOSITION includes their best effort to remain transparent and professional. While they've yet to release an official document of proof, they claim that they have obtained a legal team which has recently approved their business plan as LEGAL.

Phoenix Surf ALSO changed over to MANUAL surfing. "Boohoo!" some people might respond. But that's just fine, actually. In fact, it's a blessing. As far as the government (SEC) is concerned, auto surf advertising is *questionable* advertising since a person could easily click to surf and then walk away. Not so with manual surf. With manual surf, the viewer must click to continue after each showing of an ad. Those who are ambitious and motivated realize that the daily requirement of 15 ad views at 15 seconds each amounts to about 4.5 minutes stuck at the computer is no BIG DEAL! It also ensures any site you advertise has a better chance of being seen (and therefore, more likely visited). That alone is enough to excite me.

Below, I've created a chart comparing 12DailyPRO to Phoenix Surf. Clearly Phoenix Surf is the winner. And by today's standards, Phoenix Surf is quite awesome...and for more than obvious reasons which I shall explain shortly. But first, here's the comparison:

(you may use this picture on your own autosurf related site
if you leave it exactly as is, please. Thank you.)

Ok, now let's face facts. That PARTY IS OVER. 12DailyPRO was a freak of autosurf nature and, having become, in essence, a "small country" ready to declare its independence, Stormpay pulled the plug.

So while 12% over 12 days and 12% referral commissions WERE the rage, Phoenix Surf now sets the standard for LONGEVITY. Any autosurf with an eye for survival has begun the arduous task of implementing strategies that would keep governing institutions, such as the SEC, from bringing things to a halt. Phoenix Surf seems to be leading the charge in this area. By changing over to MANUAL surf, they allegedly make their advertising sales more legitimate in the eyes of the SEC and it only requires 4.5 minutes for people like you and me to complete. And by switching to a 15% over 8 days model, they increase their level of sustainability SIGNIFICANTLY.

So we can't just click "Surf" then walk away, but so what? To earn 15% on our money each day for 4.5 minutes of viewing ads is still amazing.


Also, Phoenix Surf offers a FAST TRACK payment option that reads like this:

"Fast Track Payment Option
a. Under the Fast Track Payment Option, the User may choose in advance to have the payment expedited within 48 hours of expiration of the Upgrade Package.
b. Under the Fast Track Payment Option, there is a fee deducted from the payment of 5%, which shall be deducted prior to payment automatically."

My first reaction was "Oh no, not another FEE!" but then I did some math and realized how this meant EXTRA MONEY for you and me! Like 12DailyPRO, Phoenix Surf has a cash out PENDING period of around 7 days. That's 7 days waiting time while our money does nothing.

But if one pays the 5% FAST TRACK fee to get their earnings back within 48 hours of cycle's end THEN she can begin earning her 15% per day again MUCH sooner than if she waited. The only other alternative is to WAIT the 7 days to receive your earnings, BUT to upgrade with MORE money at cycle's end. And since most of us do not want to risk MORE money, the FAST TRACK option, for a mere one time payment of 5% becomes a very attractive option.

Click Here to have a look.

Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, regarding REFERRAL COMMISSIONS. They don't seem like a lot in the beginning but they DO add up. I've spoken to a LOT of people who don't even THINK of getting referrals. But why? Well, they did think about it, but not for long, because, as I, a web marketer of 3 years know that explaining everything to 100s of people OVER and OVER and OVER is just way too overwhelming. It's just much easier to put our money in, surf and collect our earnings, and MAYBE we'll introduce a friend or two later on.

Well, I know a guy who has SOLVED that problem for us ALL. He has created a MARKETING MACHINE that begins with a short movie about Phoenix Surf and explains EVERYTHING to your potential referrals. It is a GREAT TOOL and just the kind of thing that helps automate the process for you. It literally takes your potential referrals BY THE HAND and leads them through every step including how to open an eGold account, how to fund it, and how to signup for Phoenix Surf and so on.

(First small one, but banged in more after)

This is something that ANYONE who wants to make a LOT MORE MONEY would be crazy to overlook. You can see it RIGHT HERE.

Alright, I hope this helps you feel more confident. In particular, if you lost money with 12DailyPRO, as have I ($6k), then I hope this helps you feel more confident on your way to recovering your losses. Phoenix Surf is very professional and seems DETERMINED to be here and paying out for the long haul.

Click the Picture and Watch the Short Movie...!

Sam Freedom
PS. For Your Work at Home Needs, Check Out:
Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog
and the home page of The Coolest Guy on the Planet!

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Friday, March 03, 2006

$500/Day or $297/Day - Really?!

1stepsystem, 1 step system, rod stinson, chris keohl, make money
Recently, Rod Stinson and Chris Keohl released "The 1-Step System", a marketing system designed to redeem the marketing world from all the shortfalls and inadequacies both men say they suffered in previous systems. They do it ALL for you except for ONE STEP, hence "The 1 Step System". What is that one step? Get people to their teleconference. That's it. From there, Rod Stinson explains everything in the only way a superbly trained public speaker could. He speaks quite fast but it allows him to cover a LOT of ground in just 37 minutes which seems about right regarding the limit of attention spans.

Rod says, emphatically, that this is the only system where you do worse if YOU try to do the selling. You literally have ONE STEP, again, to get people to the call. As for getting people to the call, they provide you with a marketing toolbox, high quality support materials, a tricked out contact manager and VIDEOS, VIDEOS, VIDEOS. They aren't long boring ones, but are just right to help you learn EVERY aspect of the back office and how to GET people to the call.

Of course you can use Google Adwords PPC, forum signatures, ezines and all the usual online methods, AND you're also given offline materials for things such as flyers and drop cards. Imagine people finding one of these at the laundromat, or the local convenience store, or coffee shop:

1stepsystem, 1 step system, rod stinson, chris keohl, make money
The claim of $500/day seems high, at first, but on my first 3 days, three people DID contact me with the express desire to signup though they had to wait a couple of days, each for various reasons. But the mind is a funny thing and it manufactures its own case such as "if I made even just 4 sales per MONTH I'd be happy! Even $500 Per WEEK would be WAY better than I'm doing now!" And that is true for most people. So the question is...can you DO the 1-step?

Now, the old saying is true, "You have to spend money to make money." but for some people, $597 is just too steep.

So, in steps

by well-known marketers Mike Corcoran and Craig Garcia, paying out 100% commission INSTANTLY!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Charis Johnson of 12DailyPRO - Psychopath Extraordinairre!

Boy, oh boy, oh boy...was I ever right about 12DailyPRO and Charis Johnson. First let me just disclaim all of this by saying THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. It is my opinion that Charis Johnson is a grade A sociopath of an extreme that even some of the most astute and intellectually adept amongst us cannot, without the proper education, fathom.

First, since most people think of "psychos" or "sociopaths", they think of the "serial killer" variety. But not all are phsyically violent. Some are just perfectly happy to ruin your life by other means. It makes them perversely happy to think they have such tremendous power over people - the more the better in some cases. So before we continue, here's an excerpt from a book titled, :The Emptied Soul" - by Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig.

But before you laugh or go on to read this casually, this is SERIOUS, SERIOUS stuff. It does not conform in any manner to the world most of us understand which is why when sociopaths are revealed, people "struggle" to make sense of it all. Coming out of denial is an excruciatingly bizarre experience. You LITERALLY see new things because suddenly NEW connections are formed in your psyche between facts and figures that once seemed unrelated. You get a piece of information you can no longer deny and suddenly your mind is able to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4, but before that piece of information came to you...there WAS no four.

Read this, and then I'll show you more information so that you can see the "FOUR."

"Another trait, important for everyone who deals with a psychopath, is their ability to evoke pity; the same kind of pity we feel towards invalids or experience for helpless and sick children. They seem completely helpless, lost in a world where they do not belong. Again and again they try to adjust and to cope, in a fashion that always falls a bit shy of the mark. They are eternal strangers, arousing in each of us a longing to help, a feeling we experience with helpless human beings. Often this pity creates difficulties, and many is the person who falls prey to it. We often try to be kind to these "poor" people, and they are "poor" people - our pity is justifiable. However the problem is that psychopaths readily manipulate those around them through just such pity. Women are often victimized: mothering instincts are aroused, or the Archetype of the Nurse is constellated. They want to protect and care for the poor, sick thing and understandably so, for psychopaths strike protective chords and speak to the desire to help and heal."

And make sure to immunize yourself further with this:
Interview with Martha Stout, Author of "The Sociopath Next Door"

Now, look, this is just the sort of stuff "fanatical supporters" of 12DailyPRO and Charis Johnson say and think when the heat is coming down on their charismatic leader: Are these forums being infiltrated?! - Cult-like paranoia begins to set in.

Just look at this one in particular:

"By the way, let all threads tremble with our love and support for Charis Johnson, let us make a pledge to out cry these vermons that infiltrate the forum with their blasphemes. Let us be heard very loud so their treasons can only be a whisper. ALL THREADS, CHANT AFTER ME>>> CHARIS JOHNSON IS HONEST>>> CHARIS JOHSON IS LOYAL>>> CHARIS JOHNSON IS INNOCENT>>> CHARIS DID NOT STEAL OUR MONEY>>> STORMPAY STOLE OUR MONEY>>> ABC4 NEWS STOP SPREADING LIES>>> WE KNOW THE TRUTH>>> WE WILL NOT GO AGAINST CHARIS JOHNSON NO MATTER WHAT.

Chant... let the forum tremble with our support. PLEEEAAASSSEEEE"

Yes, let us tremble! OMG!

Ok, now for the self-pity. I'm not saying Charis Johnson didn't have a father who really did have a stroke, but how many professional companies go telling their $350,000 members about that? People are so blind and desperate to feel important and loved that when a charismatic leader shares these kinds of personal details with them, they think they have finally found a place where their misfit self belongs.

Imagine that, though, someone who is managing $50,000,000 or more of 350,000 peoples' money starts dragging her personal details and private concerns into the daily soap opera awareness of 350,000 people? Sorry, maybe it was 250,000 - who cares? There's something not quite right about that. It's VERY bizarre behaviour. Can we say "narcissistic"? Can we say "antisocial personality disorder"?

Oh no, of course not...let's see. We've never seen her. She cancelled her convenction as I predicted long in advance.

"4. The Convention Will Go On

Due to the overwhelming support of our members and our confidence that we will prevail as a company, we have decided to go forward with the GPT Convention. We hope it will be a time for all of us to come together and strategize for how we can emerge victorious from these recent events with a new dedication toward changing and strengthening this industry."

Ho! Ho! Hoooo! That sure was funny, wasn't it?! NOT! It's sociopathic. Look...

From Charis on the 12DailyPRO website:

"The planning of the new site and the knowledge that the convention will go on, along with the amazing support we have received from members and staff renewed my spirit in a much needed way earlier today.

But I have just received some news that has changed that spirit. I have just learned that my father, who recently suffered several strokes, may not make it through the night. I have been a regular fixture on the forum in the past couple of days answering as many questions as I can from members. But in light of this recent development, I will not be on the forum this evening. I ask that all of you keep my father and my family in your thoughts and prayers.

I anticipate the next few days will be very challenging for me on a personal level, but I want you all to know that I remain dedicated to you all and will continue to press on in the best way I know how."

Who would dare suggest anything negative about her under those conditions? Every insane fanatic tugging on her coattails would label you a heretic and possibly attack you. Remember...through self-pity, sociopaths evoke in others the desire to nurture and protect.

Here's a video from ABC4 where otherwise good NORMAL everday people who don't mismanage $50,000,000 while invoking God's name, people who track criminals and reports of bad business practices, people who are experienced investigative reporters, seem to think that Charis and her 12DailyPRO fanatics could be a bit on the loopy side:

ABC4 Video Exploring the Cult Angle of 12DailyPRO

Oh but of course "'s the crazy media!! They never get anything right! How dare they refer to our beloved Charis as a charismatic leader with an ever-growing cult-like control over people!! ATTTTAACK!!!"

Oh but wait, wait, it can't be, look, Charis, manager of $50,000,000 in funds still needs your help:

"By the account of both supporters and detractors, 12DailyPro is multimillion dollar internet auto-surf company with well over 300,000 members worldwide. And now it's administrator, Charis Johnson of Charlotte, North Carolina is asking for more money -- a donation, not an "investment". She is collecting funds from those who remain loyal to her and the company for a "legal defense fund". As of Sunday night, Johnson says she's collected enough to cover "34%" of the retainer required by her lawyers." Click Here for Full Story

I know, I's that damn pesky media again, always reporting things out of context. :-(

Ok, but here's a little more. This is where even the media caught on to the blame game, the PITY PLAY which is a defining characteristic of all sociopaths:

"Some in the media have twisted the purpose of the convention and in doing so have invited the potential for confrontations, civil unrest, and security risks,” Charis Johnson, 12dailypro’s founder, wrote on the company’s Web forum. “Because we may be unable to maintain effective control of the event which would prevent us from offering the positive learning and motivational experience … (and) could exacerbate current problems and possibly damage our relations with investigators."

I don't have time to search for the actual video but the reporter says something like, "True to form, Charis blames someone else for her failure..." Pity, blame, pity, blame, pity, blame....


Ok, well, the truth is that this post could go on for another hour, using up about another 2Gigs of bandwidth, but if you haven't GOT IT by now, you AIN'T EVER GONNA GET IT. You'll just be destined to follow the Charis Johnson story all throughout her years in prison, clutching to the hope of her being exonerated, or at least paroled. And maybe, just maybe, if you're fanatical enough, you'll be the lucky one to meet her at the prison gate to give her a ride to the airport to catch the last plane to Nevis, only 20 years too late. Lucky you...

...but how dare they suggest Charis Johnson was lying? Or delusional? Or that you, or anyone else was like a cult member? How dare they!!!!!

(Ok, camera fades out, curtain drops, audience rises to its feet and claps for what must seem like hours. And on the way out the door, the theater crew thanks them for attending and hands them a farewell momento for them to read in the luxury of their own homes. And it reads like this):

SEC Halts “Paid Autosurf” Internet Ponzi Scheme that Raised Over $50 Million from 300,000 Investors Worldwide



Washington D.C., Feb.27, 2006 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced the filing of securities fraud charges against the operators of, a “paid autosurf program” that in fact was a massive Ponzi scheme which raised more than $50 million from over 300,000 Investors worldwide by offering a 44% return on Investment in just 12 days. As a result of the SEC’s charges, the defendants, Charis Johnson, age 33, of Charlotte, N.C., and her companies, 12daily Pro and LifeClicks, LLC, ceased their solicitation of ******ors and agreed to a freeze of all their assets and the appointment of a receiver who will take control of the companies’ operations.

Read the rest here.

According to the Commission’s complaint, which was filed last week in federal district court in Los Angeles, Calif., claimed to be a paid autosurf program — a form of online advertising program that purportedly generates advertising revenue by automatically rotating advertised websites into a viewer’s Internet browser. Advertisers purportedly pay “hosts,” which in turn pay their members to view the rotated websites. The Commission’s complaint alleges that 12daily Pro’s sale of membership units constituted the fraudulent and unregistered sale of securities under the federal securities laws. The Commission also today posted to its Web site an ******or alert concerning autosurf programs. The alert can be viewed at******or/pubs/autosurf.htm.

Randall R. Lee, Regional Director of the Commission’s Pacific Regional Office, said, “Paid autosurf programs have become an enormous industry on the Internet. When these schemes depend on attracting new members in order to pay returns to current members, they are destined to collapse. The promise of guaranteed, double-digit returns in a matter of days should raise a red flag. We urge the public to be aware that paid memberships in these schemes may be a form of ******ment, and to exercise extreme caution before ******ing in any get rich quick scheme.”

According to the Commission’s complaint, the 12daily Pro website, recently ranked as the 352nd most heavily trafficked website, solicited ******ors to become “upgraded members” by buying “units” for a “fee” of $6 per unit, with a maximum of 1,000 units. 12daily Pro promised to pay each upgraded member 12% of his or her membership fee per day for 12 days. At the end of 12 days, the member purportedly would have earned a total of 144% of his or her original membership fee, 44% of which would be profit on the membership fee. To receive the promised payment, a member purportedly must view at least 12 web pages per day during the 12 day period. The amount of returns that 12daily Pro would pay its members, however, was in fact dependent solely on the amount of each member’s ******ment, not on the amount of website-viewing or any other services rendered.

The Commission alleges that the defendants defrauded ******ors by operating 12daily Pro as almost a pure Ponzi scheme — using new ******or monies to pay the promised returns to existing ******ors — in violation of the federal securities laws. The defendants falsely represented that upgraded members’ earnings “are financed not only [by] incoming member fees, but also with multiple income streams including advertising, and off-site ******ments.” In fact, at least 95% of 12daily Pro’s revenues have come from new ******ments in the form of membership fees from new or existing members. The other “multiple income streams” from advertising revenues or off-site ******ments touted by the defendants were either negligible or non-existent. In addition, undisclosed to ******ors, Johnson transferred more than $1.9 million in ******or funds to her personal bank account since mid-2005.

Johnson and her companies have consented to the entry of a court order that permanently enjoins them from future violations of the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws, imposes a freeze on their assets, prohibits the destruction of documents, and appoints Thomas F. Lennon as permanent receiver over the assets of 12daily Pro and LifeClicks, LLC. The order is subject to approval by United States District Judge Nora M. Manella. Johnson and her companies consented to the order without admitting or denying the allegations in the complaint. The Commission’s complaint also seeks repayment of ill-gotten gains and civil money penalties; the amounts to be sought will be determined at a later date.

The Commission’s complaint alleges that the defendants violated the antifraud provisions of Section 17(a) of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule 10b-5 thereunder, and the securities registration provisions of Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act.

This matter was referred to the Commission in early February by several members of the public. Complaints and tips from the public are vital to the Commission’s mission to protect ******ors, and the Commission staff reviews each and every complaint it receives.

Damn that SEC, always with the lies, lies, lies!

For further information contact:

Randall R. Lee
Regional Director
Pacific Regional Office
(323) 965-3807

Michele Wein Layne
Associate Regional Director
Pacific Regional Office
(323) 965-3850

Kelly Bowers
Assistant Regional Director
Pacific Regional Office
(323) 965-3924

And don't forget to file your complaint with the FBI, State Attorneys General's Office, the FTC and anyone else who will take it.

Enough of this madness,
Sam Freedom
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