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Monday, February 20, 2006

One Way Ticket to NEVIS Please!

My friend is a nutcase when it comes to getting to the bottom of the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay scandal. This what he sent me last week. Sorry I did not publish it sooner!

"Ohh this is just getting more and more interesting.

Ok, Charis Johnson says her attorney when 12DailyPRO started was/is Brett Hubbard.

Lets talk about Brett Hubbard. Brett Hubbard in the last 3 years has filed incorporation papers for 18 companies. Him being named as the agent and his address being the prinicpal address on all said coporations. Life clicks is one of those corporations. But he is just acting agent/lawyer for said companies. Who owns them? Kevin Wessel.

Kevin Wessel and Brett Hubbard are listed on all 18 of those companies as the agent,

and Kevin as the organizer. So if the info Ive checked and read is correct, then Kevin Wessel is the sole owner all 18 companies and Brett Hubbard is the acting agent for all 18 companies including lifeclicks.

Lifeclicks is the parent company or said OWNER of 12DailyPRO. Brett Hubbard is the acting/registered agent/lawyer for lifeclicks. Kevin Wessel owns them both. Lifeclicks and 12DailyPRO. This would put Charis Johnson as some frumpy gal with a background of being scandalous, appointed *admin* of 12DailyPRO. With the background ive read on Charis Johnson, it would have been easy to throw a dollar sign in front of her face and appoint her as admin to take the blows for 12DailyPRO.

Lifeclicks did not exist when 12DailyPRO started. Lifeclicks was formed on sept 7th 2005. 12DailyPRO was in operation well before that. So we need to figure out BEFORE Kevin Wessel and Brett Hubbard came on board and provided 12DailyPRO with a *shield* from prosecution, who owned and started 12DailyPRO in the beginning? Im thinking the same people. They just hadnt expected such huge growth with 12DailyPRO. But when it did start taking off, they knew. They all knew oopsie, we had best get an LLC company filed and going as a shield and position ourselves on the tiny island of NEVIS because this will end eventually.

So Charis Johnson, Kevin Wessel and Brett Hubbard have a long standing relationship. They all were together in starting 12DailyPRO, yet just didnt start up Lifeclicks until they knew they were going to have a problem in the future.....why? Its huge growth. The fact they probably knew with this kind of growth they would eventually face scrutiny from the authorities. AND wouldnt you know it.....on the very same island of NEVIS is the address for the same guy who OWNS EGOLD. The very same payment processor 12DailyPRO dropped.
But Here's Where It Gets "Funny"....

EGOLD payments, possibly in the millions, are still owed to members worldwide. Guess who has that money? The owner of EGOLD and Lifeclicks/12DailyPRO. All 3 of those entities have your supposed monies that you havent been able to get back since december. And guess what? from what ive read with the laws of NEVIS, which the merchant accounts seem to be really at, you wont be able to. The laws of NEVIS say specifically that ANYONE who wants to file a lawsuit against anyone in NEVIS needs to put down a payment of $25,000 to start proceedings, and most of us dont have that do we. That $25,000 is also non refundable given you lose your case which we would because of the laws of NEVIS to BEGIN with protecting the merchant accounts. Hence off shore banking and living. Even tho the BBB has documents showing lifeclicks and 12DailyPRO as *american based* it doesnt seem to be they are. Those documents only show an address, a physical address that Brett Hubbard has in the USA as registered. So lifeclicks and 12DailyPRO are only registered in the USA to do business. It seems their actual accounts are actually overseas. Untouchable.

So the bottom line I suppose is we are screwed period. There is really nothing anyone can do. Even if they FBI gets involved, they are federal, meaning us as the United States. NEVIS isnt in that arena. Which is exactly why its all offshore to begin with. NEVIS is in a totally seperate country.

Im thinking we need to focus on finding mr. wessell and mr. hubbard for any answers. Charis Johnson doesnt mean squat at this point. Im also curious as to what bank/financial organization on the island of NEVIS is holding lifeclicks/12DailyPROs merchant accounts. That is who and where the money is. These guys at lifeclicks specialize in keeping all this moola out of the United States.

And where the laws cant touch them."
Funny how the NEVIS tourism site begins with...
There’s something about this small, sombrero-shaped island that grabs you. The charm and tranquility takes you back to a time when things were simpler, when life was more peaceful, when stress was just a word, not a way of life.
(They forgot to add, "...and where we protect people who want to steal your money and get away with it scot-free. So c'mon down!!!!")
Sorry folks, didn't mean to depress you...! Lol!

Sam Freedom
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kevinw said...


This is to answer questions about 12Daily Pro Inc and LifeClicks LLC

My name is Kevin Wessell. I am the CEO of Companies Incorporated.

We establish corporations and limited liability companies for clients. Go to and you will see We establish thousands of companies yearly.

We received an order from a client for us to form companies named 12Daily Pro Inc and LifeClicks LLC.

We shipped the companies to the client as required. Naturally, we do not have anything to do with the operation of this company. These are simply two of the many thousands companies we have formed for clients.

We have been receiving telephone inquiries regarding these companies, so we have posted a statement on our website:

I hope this helps.

Kevin Wessell

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for stopping by and adding your two cents to Sam Freedom's 12DailyPRO Madness Blog. I appreciate you taking the time. It probably won't bring anyone too much peace of mind, but at least it will help clear you off the roster of people that all the nutbags want to hang from their nads with piano wire.

Thanks for having the courage to stop by during these maniacal times.

Sam Freedom
Hey Kevin, Wanna Double Your Money?!"

A Simple Layman...aka jim said...

I may be missing something in your 'expose', but I thought e-gold was NOT a legal entity on Nevis. In fact the govt. of nevis has a posting saying exactly that.

Anonymous said...

your fucking stupid lol

Anonymous said...

From a simple legal perspective is the work done by Mr. Wessel's CompaniesInc. "Paperwork Filing".
Anybody who wants to incorporate in the U.S.A., or anywhere else possible, can do this, whether with an Incorporation Services like CompaniesInc. or others. Or simply via getting in contact with the local Administrations and doing the Paperwork on ones own behalf. The Paperwork Filing work done by CompaniesInc. in this case or other Incorporation Services can never be seen as a crime or fraud, the only thing that one from a simple perspective can say, is that the work done by ANY INCORPORATION SERVICE can be used or misused by criminals. As most Incorporation Services do not run Background Checks on the Clients or Clients who plan to file a company for fraudulent uses may not have criminal records, is there no easy way to avoid that criminals start businesses to use the formed entities for any criminal use.
What can be possible is that in any Company also in any Incorporation Service Company people are employed that misuse their capabilities and sell products to criminals without the knowledge of the Management, the CEO etc.. This is point where CEO's of any Incorporation Service should start to investigate, as there may be a hidden fraud that should be eliminated to avoid that criminals are able to purchase products that are not even legal. As there are many products that can be affected by corruption especially in the Incorporation and any other related businesssector, can an investigation only be done when the leadership of a company accepts that also in the best company, not wanted hidden business operations may be run from employees or also by persons in the leadership where the CEO for example does not know about.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate your attention.

Anonymous said...

To continue with this exhibition...

Services where companies can but do not have to be aware of the consequences when the filed company is than used for any illegal habit.

1. Document filing for Persons that are known as "criminals", but no laws exist that forbide these "criminal individuals" to file a corporation.
2. Document filing in regards to file corporations that from the beginning are planned to be used for consumer fraud, where logic thinking, looking at the name and the experience from already existing similar named companies and to not allow these persons to use the services of an Incorporation would stop the process at least for some time to give criminals the ability to file a corporation anywhere. But as these persons from a legal context, cannot be seen as criminals, as laws apply that are erasing the term "fraud". Where laws of the U.S.A. forbide a businesssector, do other countries allow these businesssectors to exist. The reason, it produces these countries income they desperately need, as especially small jurisdiction like the Off-Shore declared countries have no other way to prosper than to offer easy no hassle banking solutions, tax benefits and laws that help persons, that would be declared criminals in the U.S.A., to exist as legitimate Businesspersons.
Also when banks ask for a document that proofs the source of funds to be deposited, will a large amount of deposit make a difference as also documents can be faked, also will a bank watch closer on the initial and the few next deposits and when a person wants to deposit funds in a "illegal manner" may the bank oversee the policies as business becomes usual after some time. For companies that operate from these countries where funds come from customers, can no law forbide them to receive funds from "fooled customers". But who really takes the terms "EGOLD" and "EBULLION" serious ist literally a part of the customergroup that always is caught by these persons.

To discuss these topics would now be based on opinions not facts.

These services where an Incorporation Service who also takes care of related solutions like Business Financing etc. should or nearly must take care of the issues of corruption that can exist in a company, is the sector of "Financing Fraud", in this case that "customers" receive for example a "Paydex Score" for a Business that is legally not in the position to be provided a Paydex Score". This may happen in a way that a "Paydex Score" is procided to a "Criminal" allowing this person to obtain financing from third side with using numbers from other businesses, like from a company where it is not possible to verify the information that would enable a Bank to see that the "Paydex Score" is "stolen". Because is this case, the "criminal" can than sweep the funds for example to an Off-Shore Account, because the funds where legally obtained via Business Financing, can it happen that the Financing providing bank will never receive the Loan Amount back, another company may be sued for Financing Fraud, where than it will come up that the company was stolen their "Paydex Score". As espcecially Incorporation Services have the ability to assist a legal business they file to prosper in regards to the laws, can it happen that a corrupt person in the company may sell stolen "Paydex Scores".

As this is mostly not seen by the leadership of a company is it simply unprofessional to call Mr. Wessel "fucking stupd", as rather the persons that invest in these E-Currencies are that what this just mentioned term describes and this is what these companies look for, for indivuduals that are "....".

From one other perspective, Companies like CompaniesInc. may funds from the persons that run a business like kust described, BUT THIS IS THE FEE FOR A REGISTERED AGENT SERVICE OR MAIL FORWARDING ETC..

That a company like CompaniesInc. may tell the customer to use another Registered Agent or Office Service is always in the hands of the company itself as the decision can be made to support a company like these or to stop working with these individuals and their companies they filed. But as the Owners of the discussed company are not criminals in the U.S. or in the Off-Shore countries where they have their corporation, is there no legal basis to do so, as a decision like this would be based on opinions and attitudes and the companies like CompaniesInc. are mostly based on plain professional business policies.

Thank you again for the time, I appreciate the continued attention and wish you a more professional attitude in the future when reviewing the facts I mention and talk about and accepting that only a person who sees through these facts will prosper. If there may be any spelling faults in this text, I apologize but it takes a lot of time to even write an essay about this topic.

Anonymous said...

To avoid any misconceptions, I am a current client of CompaniesInc.
I am also in direct contact with Mr. Kevin W. Wessel.
Also I was offered to open an Account with a Bank in Nevis, but as I filed a Florida Corporation and only do Domestic Business did I refuse the Offer, after a more or less exciting discussion with Mr. Wessel about the needs of an Off-Shore Account in combination with a Domestic U.S. Corporation and a follow up legal discussion about what an Incorporation Service is allowed to do with a corporation filed for a client, did we come to the point that it is the most professional way to simply do business and to refund me the fee for the Banking Solution. As for this, the refund was done immidiately and I appreciate the services of CompaniesInc., as from this point all was done in a very professional way and I also see that Mr. Wessel may have become a target from several sides for doing just business.

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