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Friday, February 24, 2006

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of 12DailyPRO Type Autosurfs.

Boohoohoooooo! So the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco has you scared, is that right? Well, listen up my frightened friend. You'll soon see you have more to be concerned about NOT being in a paid autosurf.

If you've entered already, I know how you feel. You cross your fingers and hold your breath and pray to whatever it is you believe in that everything will go well. Just like a plane ride. We all know that a certain number of planes don't quite make it to their destination every year, but we still keep on flying don't we? We say it's necessary for some things, but there are planes and buses and cars -- it's just that flying is the easiest way to get what you want at the time.

Well, so is paid autosurf.

All Hail Engage Surf!

We also all know that the odds of winning on a scratch ticket, or the lottery is like 1 bazillion to 1, but we still buy enough of those little pieces of $1 paper to paper the wall of a small resort hotel, don't we?

So if you haven't tried it yet, or haven't really thrown yourself into it with care-free utter abandon, then come on....relax....let go.....

In fact, if it makes you feel better, here's another waay for you to look at paid autosurf, everyone wins up until the day everyone loses. Except the ones who got in early lose a lot less (because they've already earned and cashed out many times) than the ones who waited 3 months just to see how well everyone else would do first...

I'll say it again, the rule of paid autosurf like 12DailyPRO is, the earlier the better. And with Engage Surf, early is NOW. Have a look now...

Identical to 12DailyPRO But Without Stormpay to Mess Things Up!

If you haven't joined yet, you owe it to yourself to take a look NOW. It's less than three weeks old and since cashouts can be had BEFORE the end of the cycle, and are paid within 3 business days, the members there now are VERY happy. Let me repeat that - VERY happy.

So come on and pack the internet crack pipe with us. You know you want to. :-)

Pays in 3 Business Days with Early Cashouts Allowed!

Make sure to read my previous post, "DOUBLE YOUR MONEY - NO RISK?" before you do anything!

Wishing us all peace and prosperity,
Sam Freedom

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