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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Would it have been so hard to simply ask, "Hey people, would you all mind donating $1,000 - $6,000 each so we can build an awesome racetrack?!"

The saga continues between Stormpay and 12DailyPRO's Charis Johnson. Charis, through her lawyer, maintains the integrity of her "proprietary" information. As you'll soon see in the article below, there's so much freakin' lying, controversy, and positioning going on now that this this has really gotten out of control.

(Note from Sam: Isn't that my cow?!)

One example in the article has Stormpay's president, John McCONnell, claiming that 12DailyPRO stopped paying out as of January 8th. Yet members of various autosurf forums insist they had received payments as late as January 21st. Now is that a lie? Or was it true and the payment just didn't go through until until the 21st?


Well, it looks as if the FBI is about to know. The FBI is now requesting information from the Tennessee BBB regarding the Stormpay - 12DailyPRO fiasco.

In response to the following statement made by Stormpay CEO, Steve Girsky,

"We are excited about the audit. We have no problem with them coming in to do the audit."

One autosurf forum member replied, sarcastically,

"Indeed Mr. Girsky, I have no problem in outside auditors finding all of your filthy business practices and prosecuting you for them either.

It would be refreshing and in my opinion 'worthwhile' if the editors of The Leaf Chronicle, FTC, FBI and Better Business Bureau would work up the timeline of Stormpay Dirt Track racing, purchasing an expensive lease agreement and Storm Pay, Inc's cash outlay on that Race Track mere days before Freezing all of those merchant accounts.

That certainly has the appearance that Storm Pay spent the merchants moneys held in trust by Storm Pay and when 12 Daily Pro made a substantial withdraw of their own money, Storm Pay, Inc. did not have it."

If you, or anyone you know has been negatively affected by this scandal, you may use the following websites to report directly to the responsible official agencies:

FTC Online Complaint Form
Tennessee Better Business Bureau Online Complaint Form
Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs

Here's a few more pictures from Stormpay's Racetrack. They've understandably been too busy shearing the sheep and handling the audit and complaints to get these up. But yours truly has the inside scoop, so enjoy these unreleased photos.

Here's to Getting Your Money Back!

Sam Freedom
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manic_depressive_1 said...

Awesome post. The cow racing pictures cracked me up. :D

FYI, the Leaf Chronicle printed some correction to their Feb. 11th article on Stormpay & 12DailyPro.

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