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Monday, February 27, 2006


Phoenix Surf is still one of the most stable and highest paying autosurfs in existence right now. It continues growing rapidly and the community is helpful and active. I was just thinking on the importance of having referrals and what could I do to help others obtain them.

So I just had to write about this not only so that others can benefit from the ridiculously high payouts of the paid autosurf industry (which is still going strong and fast) but so that you can also benefit from the HUGE payouts you get from referral bonuses.


"What?! What is a prospecting machine?" Nothing will substitute for LOOKING AT ONE, but in a nutshell, a prospecting system is what you've always dreamed of and wished for from your first day looking for money on the web. It is an AUTOMATED SETUP that takes the hand of every single person you send to it and takes them through every single step in precise detail, signing them up under you in everything until they become a full fledged referral. Then you earn on them as a referral in more than one way.

Yes, from A to Z it does EVERYTHING for you. So you don't have to cross your fingers and pray any more that the people who click on your various links are smart enough to complete all processes by themselves. It explains everything in easy to understand detailed fashion and makes your life much easier. When it is a third party and not YOU trying to sell for you, also, it helps make the sale.

THIS is VERY exciting:


The HUGE unobvious benefit of this is that once you have a bunch of referrals under you in ONE thing, you can then recommend other things to them and some of them will go on to join you in those programs as well! So referrals aren't beneficial just for the program you are referring them to but for all kinds of friendships and great networking relationships as time goes on.

It's not even 3 days and 2 referrals have already helped me out in ways totally unexpected. them...


Wishing you the best,
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