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Saturday, February 25, 2006

STORMPAY Class Action Suit UPDATE!

Seems my instincts were right. In a previous article, I wrote about a lawyer named Tony Davis who was supposedly trying to get together some kind of class action lawsuit regarding the 12DailyPRO vs Stormpay fiasco, the Ultimate Brawl between Charis Johnson and Steve Girsky. I mentioned that something didn't seem right, yet he did call me back after I left a message. He seemed nice enough and really sincere. Then someone sent me this:


Is it the same Tony Davis named in the case? I don't know but since he's from Austin, TX, too, and considering the circumstances, I would safely err on the side of safety. The same person wrote all of this to me:

Yikes. I hope this is wrong.... I just googled Tony R Davis Attorney Austin and found this:
"Tony Davis was convicted of one count of conspiracy, 18 U.S.C.§ 371 (1994), two counts of wire fraud, 18 U.S.C. § 1343 (1994),two counts of travel and transportation of securities for fraudulent purposes, 18 U.S.C. § 2314 (1994), and three counts of money laundering, 18 U.S.C. § 1957 (1994), all in connection withhis operation of an advance-fee scheme, in which he would agree to obtain funding for clients, but would never do so. "

Also, I googled the phone number listed and it came back with ONLY your website. ( When I put in the phone number that was listed below Tony Davis' address it came back with an apartment complex in Austin called Cliffs at Barton Creek.The Bar Asso number gave no information.

There is no information on DerKunt Law Offices in Austin except a listing w/the PO Box. And nothing comes up when I put DerKunt Law Offices and the 4425 S. Mopac ExpresswaySte 404Austin, TX 78735 Do we REALLY want to send our information to a person who SOUNDS unprofessional to people who have called, doesn't show up on the internet as a legitimate attorney, who wants our account information and who may or may not be the same person online who has been convicted of wire fraud and money laundering? Who has checked this guy out completely????? Very concerned here.... [name withheld]"

So there you have it folks. Is this a classic case of opportunistic vultures circling the dying and picking off the weak? Or is this the same Tony Davis even? And if so, is it possible the man paid his debt to society and is now on the straight and narrow?

Whatever the case may be, the old adage still stands, "Buyer Beware!" And "There's a sucker born every minute." If you were a sucker who did not beware, then just get present to that, shed the denial and then it will be less like to become a recurring theme for you.

Sam Freedom
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Stephen said...

Yesterday, Feb 24, I got this same, "Yikes. I hope this is wrong...." e-mail that showed allegations against Tony Davis - from August of 2000. I cannot say here & now that this is the same man. I had a bit of consern, so I did some checking around.

I did a Google Local Satellite map search for 4425 S. Mo-Pac Expressway Ste 404 Austin, TX 78735 & found the physical address The building did not appear as to have 4 stories, in fact it looked more like a small house. Then I did the same for DerKunt Law Office, Austin, TX & my results were: Your search for DerKunt Law Office near Austin TX did not match any locations. The business located at that address is occupied by Kreutz Photography, 4425 S MO PAC Expy Austin, TX 78735-6723

ALSO: the attorney that you mentioned who is "spearheading" this class action suit is Mustaf Engin DefKunt not Ingin Derkunt. He goes by M. Engin DefKunt, & by Engin DefKunt. The Law Office of M. Engin Derkurt is located at 2400 Pearl St, Suite 707, Austin, TX 78705 It's listed here:

In conclusion, I am not rejecting his offer without positive proof of mistrust. Here's a forum telling a little more of Tony's current legal case: Scroll to the post of Fri Feb 24th, 2006 01:16 pm. Here is the listed law office that Tony is expected to be working from. I checked it out through Google & it all looks ligit. Here's a Google map of the law office of M. Engin Derkurt: Click on "Satellite" for a real view.

I will be searching for more facts & will post them here: as I get more. As it stands, I'm in. It's up to your discreation - join this lawsuit or not. You can contact me, Steve Shearer, at

Anonymous said...

I was just trying to find infor on Tony R Davis of Austin TX and came across your February 2006 posts about a "Tony Davis". This guy is not on the up and up. His new place of business: International Legal Services LLC in Austin TX (also at the Mopac address, and at 701 Brazos #500 -- He recently tried to do a 'bait and switch' similar to the 'funding' scheme he was convicted on years ago -- if it was the same Tony R Davis, if it wasn't they have the same MO, and the same wife, Gaylan. He claims to be a 'civil liberties attorney' and acts real tough that he can do anything to anybody, so you better do exactly what he says. Possible phone numbers he is using: 512-825-8369, 512-334-6144, 512-899-3300, 512-329-6468, and 512-892-1922. MY ADVICE IS TO STEER CLEAR OF THIS GUY -- THAT IS WHAT I AM DOING AFTER TALKING TO HIM.

Anonymous said...

International Legal Services in Austin, TX or Tony Davis - They are a SCAM!!!
4425 S. Mo-Pac Expressway Ste 404 Austin, TX 78735
Met with Tony and he is located in a gated apartment/business building. Thought it was weird that he had to open the gate for us to get in.
When we asked for proof of cases (to show what he does) he could not. He is not an attorney, just says he is helping people out.
He charges $15,000 to help Federal inmates get out of prison, then never files anything for them. Most of those people are poor or uneducated so they get ripped off. I am actually looking to get an investigation open on this guy by the Feds to help a friend out.

There is a Tony Davis that I think works for the Fulbright firm - Dont confuse them.

But the Tony Davis everyone is talking about on this page does exist and he is a BIG time con artist. Please don't get ripped off.

This is not the only place where I find information see links below.;_ylt=AqD4YL1aTX3oo5lnlfwwxyzsy6IX?qid=20070730154315AA3f4wN;_ylt=ArIzTmAjnlCsq8wwSQOs.znsy6IX?qid=1006052108296

Anonymous said...

International Legal Services is definitely a scam. An incarcerated family member asked me to give them a call. When I called, I asked to speak to an attorney, and the receptionist informed me his name is Tony Davis, but he is NOT an attorney. She then transferred me to Tony. He asked a few questions about my family member, then told me he could get my family member released, and wipe his record clean. He claimed to have a 100% success rate. I found that weird, considering he didn't know the details of the case, and most lawyers will not guarantee anything w/o first researching. He then told me the cost would be $20,000 for his help. He said I need to make a down payment of $5,000 and make monthly payments of $500 until the balance is paid off. Before I was able to ask any questions, he asked me "When will you be sending the down payment?" I told him that I needed to think about it, and would get back with him. He then asked, "How soon will you get back with me?" I told him in a few weeks. His eagerness to get my money threw up a red flag. I immediately start searching on, I found ILS is not registered with the BBB, I then start searching the internet on Tony Davis and ILS, and have read nothing but negative feedback. I wouldn't trust this guy, STAY AWAY

Rob Davis said...

International Legal Services (Austin, TX) is owned by Gaylan Davis. Tony R. Davis is an employee of the company. I suspect this arrangement is because Tony is a convicted felon (fraud and money laundering). The Austin American Statesman has a nice article about ILS at (couldn't find original link). A good link with information about his original felony court case can be found at He is a convicted felon - before you ever give him a dime read the details of the court case.

He has a consistent approach in my opinion based on my personal conversations with him, past documented criminal convictions, and conjecture about current ILS activities. Tony promises to deliver some product or service to people with a real need and collect upfront fees - very simple and lucrative. His goal is to have enough loopholes for non-performance that he can't get into legal trouble.

I suspect ILS will be shutting down soon. However, I've also heard that he is on to his next enterprise.

I think it's evil to prey on the hopes and fear of people. To use you education and intelligence to take advantage of people is wrong.

I am (sadly) related to him, and I wouldn't give him $10. This is my version of a public service announcement.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know if there is any new news of this Tony Davis and the scam he and his wife, from the sounds of it, are running. Does anyone have new information on this guy inregards to his continued scam?
Comment given July 2009

Anonymous said...

Was just about to send this man $1,500. to help me with real estate mortgage fraud and tax collection issues. A friend forwarded this article to me.
Tony certainly seems like a nice enough guy, but he's a bit too anxious to have me 'transfer' money to him, which makes me uncomfortable.
I see his 'firm' mostly dealing with criminal issues, and mentioned that. Response was 'well they're getting into that'. If he is not in fact an attorney I don't see how he could be of help. I thought he was an attorney.

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