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Saturday, February 11, 2006

ABC4 Video - Stormpay Gives Charis a Black Eye

Some people just can't behave....
StormPay, an internet payment service, has attracted the attention of not only the Better Business Bureau, but now the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs as well.

The beginning of this month, StormPay froze the accounts of 12DailyPro and its members. CEO Steve Girsky told ABC 4 earlier this week there were indications that 12DailyPro may be an illegal pyramid scheme. Ironically, in August of 2003, the owner of StormPay was issued an order to cease and desist by the state of Tennessee Securities Division for running a pyramid scheme of its own. The program was called TymGlobal. Both TymGlobal and StormPay are owned by John McConnell. The cease and desist order was issued well before Steve Girsky assumed control of stormpay’s operations.


Thursday, Girsky told the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle that he welcomes the Consumer Affairs investigation. He’s quoted as saying, “I think the agencies would not be doing their due diligence if they did not check us out. We have nothing to hide.” Girsky also met Thursday with representatives of the BBB. Details of that meeting are not yet available.

Since freezing the accounts, angry 12DailyPro members have been complaining to anyone who will listen. The BBB in Nashville reports receiving nearly 19,000 inquires in just 7 days. Some members, such as Matt and Jamie Ash of Pleasant Grove, report money that was in their StormPay accounts when they were frozen has since disappeared. They say mysterious “charge backs” have emptied their accounts.

Charis Johnson, the administrator of 12DailyPro continues blaming StormPay for her own company’s problems. In a statement provided to ABC4 through her Attorney, Steven Carr, Johnson says,

“Unfortunately, although stormpay’s president and lawyer committed to working with us to resolve our disputes, StormPay is not responding to calls from our lawyer and is taking unilateral actions concerning 12DailyPro member’s accounts without our consent or without any authorization from LifeClicks or 12DailyPro members. In light of these developments and stormpay’s refusals to communicate or negotiate with us, our lawyers are evaluating our legal options.”

Also for the first time, Johnson acknowledged investigators are also looking at 12DailyPro. She wrote that her lawyers “are also assisting us in our communications with law enforcement authorities who have contacted us, and we are cooperating fully with all investigations.” ABC 4 has invited Charis Johnson and/or her attorney to sit down for an on-camera interview.

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