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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Chris Johnson of 12DailyPRO - Psychopath Extraordinairre!

This extremely informative post has been moved here.



Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!

Someone that knows how to use there brain to think on there own.

I hope you like p***y Charis cause thats all you'll be seeing for years to come.

You followers need to really look into the whole picture and not just the center. Charis had already made out with 1.9 million and I'm sure it would have been more if it continued. She wasent doing this to help the members only herself. 95% ponzi is 100% ponzi in my book. The other 5% is not going to pay all its members, making it a 100% ponzi.

Of course some people will say there was $50 million paid out, she deserves 1.9 million of it. But what did she do for that money? She paid members with other members money and to take almost 2 million is pure fraud. Is she crazy enough to think she deserved it from 8 months of work, pure greed. The average american works 50 hours a week and brings home less than $30,000 a year.

Hundreds of thousands of peope have been lied to and scammed. Some lives even ruined do to the actions in the past few weeks. I personally had over $34,000 lost in this industry when SP decided to do chargebacks, but thats another issue.

Nathan Brown said...

Well, with everything thats gone on everytime I heard about this article I figured "Meh! Another person trying to have 5 minutes of fame with another theory" but I must say that it really does make sense. Before reading this I supported Charis.. now.. I just want my money and for all cuplits to be punished.

Sam Freedom said...

Woohoo! It's so nice to hear from people who aren't in denial! Thanks to the both of you! :-)


Anonymous said...

Since you've threatened me for emailing you, I'm going to pepper you with my support for Charis Johnson. You are a warped son of a gun, Sam. Charis was running a legitimate business until those idiotic BYU students passed those cards around.

I'll say it again. Charis is one of the sweetest, most honest people I have ever met. She has unmatched integrity, and has had to withstood you and the other wolves at Talkgold.

She should have been able to recover every cent of what Stormpay stole from her in that 50 million. Then all of you that are complaining now about not getting paid would have gotten paid, and handsomely. So if you don't get any money back, too bad. It's Stormpay's fault.

And another thing. You'll see in the receiver's report that Charis did not make off with 1.9 million dollars. Every penny of that can be accounted for and she dealt legitimately with that money.

So if I'm proven right I expect to see an apologetic post here.

Anonymous said...

You're an insane lunatic with the misinformation you've been spreading about Charis. As the receiver's reports will show, Charis did not run off with anything. It's people like you and Brent Hunsaker who have sensationalized and branded her unfairly. She is doing so much better now that she doesn't have to deal with idiots like you, Brent Hunsaker, Pogue, and all of the other hypocrites out there. Why are you all hypocrites? Because you have all turned around and re-invested your money in new autosurfs that are no better and many certainly worse than 12 daily pro. At least she paid everyone until Stormpay froze her funds. One day all of these lies are going to be exposed publicly, and it's not going to be pretty

Anonymous said...

I think it's time I started emailing you again. I don't care what you say about me not being allowed to email you. Your email address is all over the internet, and that is my freedom. You had the audacity to accuse Charis of all kinds of awful things, now it's time to see you exposed.

How do you like what's going on in the surf industry now? Everyone is two months and gone. As I said in my previous post, Charis is the fortunate one in all of this. She is out of the industry, and enjoys the $5k allowance she now gets from the SEC and her family.

You, on the other hand, now have the stain on you of misrepresenting an honest woman. How does that feel? Stay tuned for my emails, buddy