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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Charis Johnson of 12DailyPRO - Psychopath Extraordinairre!

Boy, oh boy, oh boy...was I ever right about 12DailyPRO and Charis Johnson. First let me just disclaim all of this by saying THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. It is my opinion that Charis Johnson is a grade A sociopath of an extreme that even some of the most astute and intellectually adept amongst us cannot, without the proper education, fathom.

First, since most people think of "psychos" or "sociopaths", they think of the "serial killer" variety. But not all are phsyically violent. Some are just perfectly happy to ruin your life by other means. It makes them perversely happy to think they have such tremendous power over people - the more the better in some cases. So before we continue, here's an excerpt from a book titled, :The Emptied Soul" - by Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig.

But before you laugh or go on to read this casually, this is SERIOUS, SERIOUS stuff. It does not conform in any manner to the world most of us understand which is why when sociopaths are revealed, people "struggle" to make sense of it all. Coming out of denial is an excruciatingly bizarre experience. You LITERALLY see new things because suddenly NEW connections are formed in your psyche between facts and figures that once seemed unrelated. You get a piece of information you can no longer deny and suddenly your mind is able to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4, but before that piece of information came to you...there WAS no four.

Read this, and then I'll show you more information so that you can see the "FOUR."

"Another trait, important for everyone who deals with a psychopath, is their ability to evoke pity; the same kind of pity we feel towards invalids or experience for helpless and sick children. They seem completely helpless, lost in a world where they do not belong. Again and again they try to adjust and to cope, in a fashion that always falls a bit shy of the mark. They are eternal strangers, arousing in each of us a longing to help, a feeling we experience with helpless human beings. Often this pity creates difficulties, and many is the person who falls prey to it. We often try to be kind to these "poor" people, and they are "poor" people - our pity is justifiable. However the problem is that psychopaths readily manipulate those around them through just such pity. Women are often victimized: mothering instincts are aroused, or the Archetype of the Nurse is constellated. They want to protect and care for the poor, sick thing and understandably so, for psychopaths strike protective chords and speak to the desire to help and heal."

And make sure to immunize yourself further with this:
Interview with Martha Stout, Author of "The Sociopath Next Door"

Now, look, this is just the sort of stuff "fanatical supporters" of 12DailyPRO and Charis Johnson say and think when the heat is coming down on their charismatic leader: Are these forums being infiltrated?! - Cult-like paranoia begins to set in.

Just look at this one in particular:

"By the way, let all threads tremble with our love and support for Charis Johnson, let us make a pledge to out cry these vermons that infiltrate the forum with their blasphemes. Let us be heard very loud so their treasons can only be a whisper. ALL THREADS, CHANT AFTER ME>>> CHARIS JOHNSON IS HONEST>>> CHARIS JOHSON IS LOYAL>>> CHARIS JOHNSON IS INNOCENT>>> CHARIS DID NOT STEAL OUR MONEY>>> STORMPAY STOLE OUR MONEY>>> ABC4 NEWS STOP SPREADING LIES>>> WE KNOW THE TRUTH>>> WE WILL NOT GO AGAINST CHARIS JOHNSON NO MATTER WHAT.

Chant... let the forum tremble with our support. PLEEEAAASSSEEEE"

Yes, let us tremble! OMG!

Ok, now for the self-pity. I'm not saying Charis Johnson didn't have a father who really did have a stroke, but how many professional companies go telling their $350,000 members about that? People are so blind and desperate to feel important and loved that when a charismatic leader shares these kinds of personal details with them, they think they have finally found a place where their misfit self belongs.

Imagine that, though, someone who is managing $50,000,000 or more of 350,000 peoples' money starts dragging her personal details and private concerns into the daily soap opera awareness of 350,000 people? Sorry, maybe it was 250,000 - who cares? There's something not quite right about that. It's VERY bizarre behaviour. Can we say "narcissistic"? Can we say "antisocial personality disorder"?

Oh no, of course not...let's see. We've never seen her. She cancelled her convenction as I predicted long in advance.

"4. The Convention Will Go On

Due to the overwhelming support of our members and our confidence that we will prevail as a company, we have decided to go forward with the GPT Convention. We hope it will be a time for all of us to come together and strategize for how we can emerge victorious from these recent events with a new dedication toward changing and strengthening this industry."

Ho! Ho! Hoooo! That sure was funny, wasn't it?! NOT! It's sociopathic. Look...

From Charis on the 12DailyPRO website:

"The planning of the new site and the knowledge that the convention will go on, along with the amazing support we have received from members and staff renewed my spirit in a much needed way earlier today.

But I have just received some news that has changed that spirit. I have just learned that my father, who recently suffered several strokes, may not make it through the night. I have been a regular fixture on the forum in the past couple of days answering as many questions as I can from members. But in light of this recent development, I will not be on the forum this evening. I ask that all of you keep my father and my family in your thoughts and prayers.

I anticipate the next few days will be very challenging for me on a personal level, but I want you all to know that I remain dedicated to you all and will continue to press on in the best way I know how."

Who would dare suggest anything negative about her under those conditions? Every insane fanatic tugging on her coattails would label you a heretic and possibly attack you. Remember...through self-pity, sociopaths evoke in others the desire to nurture and protect.

Here's a video from ABC4 where otherwise good NORMAL everday people who don't mismanage $50,000,000 while invoking God's name, people who track criminals and reports of bad business practices, people who are experienced investigative reporters, seem to think that Charis and her 12DailyPRO fanatics could be a bit on the loopy side:

ABC4 Video Exploring the Cult Angle of 12DailyPRO

Oh but of course "'s the crazy media!! They never get anything right! How dare they refer to our beloved Charis as a charismatic leader with an ever-growing cult-like control over people!! ATTTTAACK!!!"

Oh but wait, wait, it can't be, look, Charis, manager of $50,000,000 in funds still needs your help:

"By the account of both supporters and detractors, 12DailyPro is multimillion dollar internet auto-surf company with well over 300,000 members worldwide. And now it's administrator, Charis Johnson of Charlotte, North Carolina is asking for more money -- a donation, not an "investment". She is collecting funds from those who remain loyal to her and the company for a "legal defense fund". As of Sunday night, Johnson says she's collected enough to cover "34%" of the retainer required by her lawyers." Click Here for Full Story

I know, I's that damn pesky media again, always reporting things out of context. :-(

Ok, but here's a little more. This is where even the media caught on to the blame game, the PITY PLAY which is a defining characteristic of all sociopaths:

"Some in the media have twisted the purpose of the convention and in doing so have invited the potential for confrontations, civil unrest, and security risks,” Charis Johnson, 12dailypro’s founder, wrote on the company’s Web forum. “Because we may be unable to maintain effective control of the event which would prevent us from offering the positive learning and motivational experience … (and) could exacerbate current problems and possibly damage our relations with investigators."

I don't have time to search for the actual video but the reporter says something like, "True to form, Charis blames someone else for her failure..." Pity, blame, pity, blame, pity, blame....


Ok, well, the truth is that this post could go on for another hour, using up about another 2Gigs of bandwidth, but if you haven't GOT IT by now, you AIN'T EVER GONNA GET IT. You'll just be destined to follow the Charis Johnson story all throughout her years in prison, clutching to the hope of her being exonerated, or at least paroled. And maybe, just maybe, if you're fanatical enough, you'll be the lucky one to meet her at the prison gate to give her a ride to the airport to catch the last plane to Nevis, only 20 years too late. Lucky you...

...but how dare they suggest Charis Johnson was lying? Or delusional? Or that you, or anyone else was like a cult member? How dare they!!!!!

(Ok, camera fades out, curtain drops, audience rises to its feet and claps for what must seem like hours. And on the way out the door, the theater crew thanks them for attending and hands them a farewell momento for them to read in the luxury of their own homes. And it reads like this):

SEC Halts “Paid Autosurf” Internet Ponzi Scheme that Raised Over $50 Million from 300,000 Investors Worldwide



Washington D.C., Feb.27, 2006 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced the filing of securities fraud charges against the operators of, a “paid autosurf program” that in fact was a massive Ponzi scheme which raised more than $50 million from over 300,000 Investors worldwide by offering a 44% return on Investment in just 12 days. As a result of the SEC’s charges, the defendants, Charis Johnson, age 33, of Charlotte, N.C., and her companies, 12daily Pro and LifeClicks, LLC, ceased their solicitation of ******ors and agreed to a freeze of all their assets and the appointment of a receiver who will take control of the companies’ operations.

Read the rest here.

According to the Commission’s complaint, which was filed last week in federal district court in Los Angeles, Calif., claimed to be a paid autosurf program — a form of online advertising program that purportedly generates advertising revenue by automatically rotating advertised websites into a viewer’s Internet browser. Advertisers purportedly pay “hosts,” which in turn pay their members to view the rotated websites. The Commission’s complaint alleges that 12daily Pro’s sale of membership units constituted the fraudulent and unregistered sale of securities under the federal securities laws. The Commission also today posted to its Web site an ******or alert concerning autosurf programs. The alert can be viewed at******or/pubs/autosurf.htm.

Randall R. Lee, Regional Director of the Commission’s Pacific Regional Office, said, “Paid autosurf programs have become an enormous industry on the Internet. When these schemes depend on attracting new members in order to pay returns to current members, they are destined to collapse. The promise of guaranteed, double-digit returns in a matter of days should raise a red flag. We urge the public to be aware that paid memberships in these schemes may be a form of ******ment, and to exercise extreme caution before ******ing in any get rich quick scheme.”

According to the Commission’s complaint, the 12daily Pro website, recently ranked as the 352nd most heavily trafficked website, solicited ******ors to become “upgraded members” by buying “units” for a “fee” of $6 per unit, with a maximum of 1,000 units. 12daily Pro promised to pay each upgraded member 12% of his or her membership fee per day for 12 days. At the end of 12 days, the member purportedly would have earned a total of 144% of his or her original membership fee, 44% of which would be profit on the membership fee. To receive the promised payment, a member purportedly must view at least 12 web pages per day during the 12 day period. The amount of returns that 12daily Pro would pay its members, however, was in fact dependent solely on the amount of each member’s ******ment, not on the amount of website-viewing or any other services rendered.

The Commission alleges that the defendants defrauded ******ors by operating 12daily Pro as almost a pure Ponzi scheme — using new ******or monies to pay the promised returns to existing ******ors — in violation of the federal securities laws. The defendants falsely represented that upgraded members’ earnings “are financed not only [by] incoming member fees, but also with multiple income streams including advertising, and off-site ******ments.” In fact, at least 95% of 12daily Pro’s revenues have come from new ******ments in the form of membership fees from new or existing members. The other “multiple income streams” from advertising revenues or off-site ******ments touted by the defendants were either negligible or non-existent. In addition, undisclosed to ******ors, Johnson transferred more than $1.9 million in ******or funds to her personal bank account since mid-2005.

Johnson and her companies have consented to the entry of a court order that permanently enjoins them from future violations of the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws, imposes a freeze on their assets, prohibits the destruction of documents, and appoints Thomas F. Lennon as permanent receiver over the assets of 12daily Pro and LifeClicks, LLC. The order is subject to approval by United States District Judge Nora M. Manella. Johnson and her companies consented to the order without admitting or denying the allegations in the complaint. The Commission’s complaint also seeks repayment of ill-gotten gains and civil money penalties; the amounts to be sought will be determined at a later date.

The Commission’s complaint alleges that the defendants violated the antifraud provisions of Section 17(a) of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule 10b-5 thereunder, and the securities registration provisions of Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act.

This matter was referred to the Commission in early February by several members of the public. Complaints and tips from the public are vital to the Commission’s mission to protect ******ors, and the Commission staff reviews each and every complaint it receives.

Damn that SEC, always with the lies, lies, lies!

For further information contact:

Randall R. Lee
Regional Director
Pacific Regional Office
(323) 965-3807

Michele Wein Layne
Associate Regional Director
Pacific Regional Office
(323) 965-3850

Kelly Bowers
Assistant Regional Director
Pacific Regional Office
(323) 965-3924

And don't forget to file your complaint with the FBI, State Attorneys General's Office, the FTC and anyone else who will take it.

Enough of this madness,
Sam Freedom
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Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog
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Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!

Someone that knows how to use there brain to think on there own.

I hope you like p***y Charis cause thats all you'll be seeing for years to come.

You followers need to really look into the whole picture and not just the center. Charis had already made out with 1.9 million and I'm sure it would have been more if it continued. She wasent doing this to help the members only herself. 95% ponzi is 100% ponzi in my book. The other 5% is not going to pay all its members, making it a 100% ponzi.

Of course some people will say there was $50 million paid out, she deserves 1.9 million of it. But what did she do for that money? She paid members with other members money and to take almost 2 million is pure fraud. Is she crazy enough to think she deserved it from 8 months of work, pure greed. The average american works 50 hours a week and brings home less than $30,000 a year.

Hundreds of thousands of peope have been lied to and scammed. Some lives even ruined do to the actions in the past few weeks. I personally had over $34,000 lost in this industry when SP decided to do chargebacks, but thats another issue.

Nathan Brown said...

Well, with everything thats gone on everytime I heard about this article I figured "Meh! Another person trying to have 5 minutes of fame with another theory" but I must say that it really does make sense. Before reading this I supported Charis.. now.. I just want my money and for all cuplits to be punished.

Sam Freedom said...

Woohoo! It's so nice to hear from people who aren't in denial! Thanks to the both of you! :-)

ps. For the nutcases who would do something like ask, "Look at the timestamp on the replies. It looks like you could have made them all yourself." the answer is, "Nutbag, I've never done that and never will. I had to copy the comments over from the previous version of this post where I'd misspelled Charis name in the title of the article. It's a bloggin' thang...!"

Anonymous said...

I've never joined any of these "autosurf" sites, but I will say that you Sam are severly fucked in the head. Do us all a favor and get some help!

Sam Freedom said...

Isn't it nice that even the mentally ill are allowed to express themselves freely on my blog? Must be a symptom of my being "fucked in the head."

Then, pity those who aren't, I guess!


Curt Crowley said...

I hate to agree with you, but Sheeple are Sheeple! You can't show logic to sheeple!

Anonymous said...

Sam is right on and its too bad the ignorant don't want to open their eyes. Sure some people made money on the deal, but far too many are going to be left out in the cold. It's easy to point the finger at everyone else, but when you don't take care of your own money, your the only one that gets hurt, no matter how much you whine, cuzz, or complain.

Anonymous said...

time to beef up security and sleep with one eye open fuck u charis

Anonymous said...

You are all so wrong about Charis Johnson. I know her. She did not think for a minute that she was doing anything wrong with 12daily pro. Until the Egold and Stormpay fiasco, she had never missed a payment to her members. She is a woman of integrity, who happened to be the biggest in the industry. She does not have 1.9 million, as reports indicate. She was set up by Barry Minkow and Stormpay.

Ask yourself this? Why have no other autosurfs been shut down? They are copying Charis' model?

khe said...

its a pity that 12dailypro could do this.if they can end up like this,i would never join any autosurf is clear i will never get my money back.i mark this as the biggest SCAM of this year.

Sam Freedom said...

I want to respond to a previous post, point for point:

"Anonymous said...
You are all so wrong about Charis Johnson. I know her."

Lots of criminals have people who know them and are shocked to find out their "friend" was committing a crime. Your knowing her doesn't change a thing.

She did not think for a minute that she was doing anything wrong with 12daily pro.

Hitler thought he was doing what was best for Germany. And some people even still think he was right. Your belief in Charis does not change anything and neither would her not intending to do anything wrong. 12DailyPRO was a success in it's earliest users' eyes, but in reality, it was poorly planned and left vulnerable. So you see what happens. She is still responsible.

Until the Egold and Stormpay fiasco, she had never missed a payment to her members.

So what? That's how PONZIs work. Everyone wins until everyone loses and the ones who REALLY lose the most are the ones who got in the latest. Not missing a payment says nothing about her and everything about the AUTOSURF SCRIPT.

She is a woman of integrity, who happened to be the biggest in the industry.

Tell it to the FBI because they're the only ones you need to convince, not us. She wasn't the biggest due to special talent or ability. It was just a convergence of factors that allowed for maximum growth.

She does not have 1.9 million, as reports indicate.

Lots of people couldn't care less how much she has. What bothers them is how much of their money she lost!

She was set up by Barry Minkow and Stormpay.

Ok, well, write the book and we'll read it. The fact that you even make such a case without any facts whatsoever expecting us to believe it is just amazing. Why should anyone believe you just because you say so? More conspiracies huh?

Ask yourself this? Why have no other autosurfs been shut down? They are copying Charis' model?

I DO ask myself those questions, but unlike you, I make a concerted effort to PLAY the devil's advocate so that I'll be fully prepared when I come upon folks like yourself.

First, you don't know for sure that some other smaller autosurfs haven't been shut down. But more importantly, a better reason why other autosurfs don't seem to be shutting down left and right is three-fold:

1) 12DailyPRO was a BIG bite and the agencies involved have plenty to work on right now.

2) They want to make sure they prosecute THIS right before starting a sweeping crusade.

3) They simply don't have the personell to tackle it wholesale at this point.

At BEST, Charis was naive and mismanaged the business, leaving it vulnerable. AT WORST, she was a cold-blooded criminal.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

if you know her then you must have an idea of her home adress spit it out so i can drag the fucken bitch out for a public stoning where the attendance would out do the fucken pope come out of your hole and play charis you corporate thief you have stolen from average australian families and for that alone you will shorly rot in the deepest part of hell thanks for nothing glenn

Anonymous said...

only a thief would attempt to defend another thief how much money did take of yours i wonder

Tonja said...

Charis Johnson is a sociopath and you did an excellent job of pointing that out Sam.
After the Stormpay debacle started she consistently used her family members to extract pity from us 12dp members. However, I didn't fall for it.
I got on the forum and posted that we were being conned by her.
Charis happened to be on the forum at that time and immediately saw my post.
She had the gall, the nerve, to tell me that I was "blind, selfish and greedy." Then she stated that her "grandmother was dying."
The bitch banks $1.9 million in 8 months for sitting on her ass and she calls others selfish, blind and greedy?
I hope she gets prison!

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone think we will ever get any of our money back, since the SEC has control of all the money now, or will the government just steal it from us as well

Anonymous said...

Sam, you are the sickest individual I have ever read any conmmentary about. As time has gone on, and with every update from the receiver, we can see that the people lost money due to Stormpay taking it upon themselves to steal her money. How do you think 31 million became 6 million in just a few short months? I pity you Sam, and I have to say that if I ever saw you on the street I would spit on you. I have a lot of respect for Ms. Johnson. She has never been proven guilty of anything. Never!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Pussy-Faggot Charis-cult-Member...

I don't know who you are, but if you ever spit on me, you wouldn't be able to eat solid foods for at least a year. I wouldn't even hesitate; it would be that fast.

If Stormpay took advantage of her it was only because she left us all vulnerable. You've written your silly garbage before, yet you don't provide any links to anything that exonerates her. You are one of her sick little cult members so until you show proof of what you're spouting, you can go screw yourself with a two by four.

Anonymous said...

The proof is partly in the last paragraph of the receiver's first report, where he says that Charis didn't take any funds beyond what was necessary to live on, pay salaries and run her business. What other proof do you need, dumbass?

I am not a cheerleader of Charis. I know her very, very well, and she has been jobbed by the SEC. Unfortunately, most people cannot fight them due to monetary reasons.

Sam, I would do more than spit on you. I would create a need for a new face on you. And I wouldn't hesitate. She is one of the most wonderful people that you could meet. But thankfully, you will never meet her. She doesn't deserve to meet scum like you.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what a dangerous lunatic fanatic you are, just like all of the decent people who were scammed made cult followers like you out to be.

You are the one initiating all the violent talk and I am saving all of this for the FBI... and my cousin Vinny.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

You initiated all of this when you accused Charis of being a sociopath. That still bothers me because I know quite differently. I am angry at you. I would never do the things I said I was going to do. Why don't you try looking at all of this from a different perspective. You might change your tune a bit

Anonymous said...

Charis started this when she initiated what appears to everyone to be a Ponzi. Listen, you and Charis have a faith which believes a man was the son of G-d. You have no proof other than a book that says so. So why is it so hard for you to accept that large numbers of people believe that Charis ran a Ponzi. There is WAY more evidence to the contrary even if it hasn't all been laid out in a court of law yet.

I'll tell you what... instead of proclaiming her innocence, which anyone can do, why not share a few links to things that you think completely exonerate her. Show me, or anyone, where it says she is innocent other than the "innocent until proven guilty statement" because we're not talking about a court of law here, we're talking about a court of public opinion and if you want people to believe she is innocent then it's incumbent upon you to prove the court of public opinion.

If you don't want to, fine, but don't expect people to change their minds just because you say so. And if she is guilty in peoples' minds then it only stands to reason that a sociopath could pull that off and hurt so many people.

So please, share some of the concrete evidence that you are claiming exonerates her, please.

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

First of all, Jesus Christ was a man who died on the cross for all of our sins. But that's a discussion for another day. There will never be court of law because there will never be a trial. I won't tell you how I know this, but I do. It's not just my opinion.

And, once again I ask the same question about the court of public opinion. She is the only autosurf administrator that had an investigation of her. Think about how she must have been feeling that Alien Trust, Phoenix Surf, etc. have completely had the same type of businesses. Yes, I know she had more media attention. But was that fair? Is it fair that the SEC issued that warning about autosurfs and has done nothing to go after them?

Really, Charis is doing quite well, and does regret the whole fiasco, right or wrong. She is a human being too, and she never planned for this to happen. If she could refund everyone she would, I promise everyone. But the SEC took everything monetary away from her, without even investigating things on her end, except for that monthly allowance, which will run out eventually. The SEC is a very aggressive prosecuting organization. This was political in some way which we haven't figured out yet. She honestly believed she was running a legitimate business, and never was trying to defraud anyone. There are some huge lessons that have been learned here. This is the last you will hear from me because I don't need to defend her anymore. Whatever she may have done wrong has already been forgiven by God, which is the most important thing. I hope that you and others will soften your position on her, but I think if that ever happens, it will take a lot of time.

Anonymous said...

the bloke with all the charis praising how much cash does she have of yours ? if she had your weeks wage in her account would that make you pull your head out of your arse you fuckwit

Anonymous said...

give me my money back that will soften a few things

Anonymous said...

what happening in her case now
is she in prison?

Anonymous said...

right im taking this charis bitch all the way to judge judy she will get my money back

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