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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Will I REALLY Make $500 Per Day With The 1-Step System?

So, Will I Really Make $500 Per Day With the 1-Step System?

I want to resolve this common question I have been receiving lately.

The premise of the 1-Step System is that you have 1 step to perform in order to start making $500/day over and over and that get people to your 1 Step System replicated Website. I'm drop dead serious when I say that your site and their teleconference presentation are VERY attractive and it does ALL the work of signing people up for you. Take a second and you'll see exactly what I mean: My 1-Step System Website.

So, Will I Really Make $500 Per Day?

Yes! But you probably won't make it from Day 1. You might make only $500 per week when you first start out, but due to the 1-Step System's Aussie 2-up system, it can eventually reach $500 (and more!) per day, just not immediately. Like me, or anyone else making good mon'ey online,you have to make an initial effort to get over the first hump and then, essentially, you get to coast for a while. My first effort was in advertising this in PAID AUTOSURF!

Here's an example of how you will end up making many INDIRECT sales on AUTOPILOT...

In the Aussie 2-up, you give your first 2 sales to your sponsor - Boohoo! But that will only bother you if you continue to think like a consumer. I would rather you think like a business owner and think of what it means to RECEIVE the first 2 sales from YOUR referrals.

Now Watch Closely...

You pass up your first 2 sales (big deal)...
Your 3rd sale pays you back 95% of your original investment.
So THAT'S a big relief.
Now, are you ready for what comes next....?


And that PURE profit can come from either your next DIRECT sales, OR from the Aussie 2-up referrals you receive FROM your DIRECT sales. Here's another way to illustrate this...

You make your 3rd DIRECT sale (referral). So watch this now...
That person gives you THEIR first 2 sales (referrals) ($1000).
Then THOSE 2 referrals give you THEIR first 2 referrals
(4 - $2000).
Then THOSE 4 referrals give you THEIR first 2 referrals
(8 - $4000)
And so on and so on...

So EACH Direct Sale You Make Beyond the Second Has the Potential of DOUBLING OVER AND OVER AGAIN Without Your Involvement!

You can receive ALL those INDIRECT sales starting from your 3rd referral -- INDIRECT sales for which you did absolutely NO EXTRA WORK AT ALL!

Every DIRECT sale you make beyond the 2nd goes to work for YOU because of the Aussie 2-up system whereby you recieve the first 2 sales from EVERYONE you sign up directly AND from everyone that gets passed up to you indirectly! One initial super effort in promoting 1-Step System and that can add up REALLY FAST!

So tell me you can't make $500 per day by making the initial effort to get to that 3rd direct sale and beyond and I'll tell you that you aren't cut out to be in online business.

But Stop And Think Of It This Way, Too...

Where else can you make virtually 100% return on your investment over and over and over again with each sale starting an AVALANCHE of INDIRECT sales for you on autopilot?

NOWHERE....nowhere I know of anyhow.

So if you've been swamped with a bunch of emails raving about the 1-Step System, remember who takes the time out to explains things to you and to answer your questions frankly and as accurately as possible....Sam Freedom, that's who.

Remember also! Instead of thinking of how much it will cost you, think of how much it can MAKE YOU. The 3rd sale pays you back around 95% of your original investment and all the direct and indirect (aussie 2-up) sales are, from there on out, pure and total profit forever and ever. Pretty awesome, huh?!

So join me here:
Your first payment is for your marketing toolbox and make 100% sure your second payment goes to MASTERIGHTS.BIZ because I only give help and advice to people on my team.

Once that's done, I'll have to activate your website so you can set up payment options and start earning money!

Here's to Your Profitable Future!
PS. Fear has no place in these matters. Those who make intelligent sincere efforts always win the day. Your 1-Step System back office (marketing toolbox) has an ABUNDANCE of marketing materials, audios and videos...all easily help you get started promoting in any number of places. If, at this point, you are concerned about making it to your 3rd sale, you really need to be pushed out of the nest! GET STARTED NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Oh well, another aussie 2-up, soon to fall by the wayside from intense pressures from state AGs. Just like liberty league but 1/3 of the price.

Great...have fun...don't drop the soap in the pen when you're hauled in.

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