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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh EMO! Oh EMO! Wherefore Art Thou, My EMO?

For those of you who weren't a victim of 12DailyPRO and Stormpay's inability to get along and play nice, you're just in time for the next fiasco -- EMO CORP. Like Stormpay, EMO Corp is a payment processor. EMO held themselves out to be extra super serious and that seemed all too true with their super serious requirement of your drivers license, bank account statement and utility bill in order to open an account in your name.

Wow, they must be for real!

Well, they seemed to be going along just fine until the state of TEXAS took EMO over and appointed a receiver to control the company. Aparrently EMO didn't have enough money to pay off people "in case of an emergency." They allegedly just didn't have the funds. But how much were they short?

Ohhhhhhh, about $2,000,000 - Just two million dollars folks. No big deal, right? Well, click the pic below to see the full statement from the government of Texas. It's on the EMO corp website so's ya know it's for real.

And while you're at it,
For what it's worth, Phoenix Surf IS diligently paying out. I've been paid. My referrals have been getting paid, and right at this very moment, I am being paid again! They're maintaining a professional appearance, keeping people informed and doing whatever they can to stay compliant with the law. And I just love the getting paid part! Sam

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