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Thursday, March 30, 2006

How to PROFIT MASSIVELY From Your Autosurf Advertising!

In the near future, I'll write up a little course that goes into much greater detail, but suffice it to say that I've spoken to a LOT of people who are happily earning in paid autosurf and most of them have absolutely ZERO experience in MAKING MONEY ONLINE.

What we forget is that paid autosurf, like 12DailyPRO, is NOT really about earning X% on your money. That's just the side benefit of purchasing the autosurf's ADVERTISING packge "upgrade", remember? And the X% earnings aren't even guaranteed, right? So, they say, "risk only what you can afford to lose", right? (if you don't know this, then you should really read the Terms of Service of each autosurf, they can't promise earnings without violating the law.)

But what you ARE guaranteed is that your money gets you ADVERTISING CREDITS. And if you're like most people, you have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER how to use those credits for MASSIVE RESULTS! Since I am limited on time, I am going to give you a very quick mini-course on how to BEST use autosurf for PROFITABLE advertising.

First...what NOT to do and WHY:

Do NOT Advertise Sales Pages unless they are true works of art. Do YOU really read all the long sales pages that you see when surfing? Maybe SOME, but hardly all. If you're like most people, you just want to surf the minimum number of sites, earn your money and get back to something more pleasurable or more important.

So if you want to make money, you have to GRAB peoples' ATTENTION - FAST and EARLY - and then HOLD IT! You do this by offering a SMALL LEAD CAPTURE form that fits neatly on ONE PAGE so the viewer does NOT have to scroll down to read it all.

Click HERE to see a PERFECT example.
Click HERE to see ANOTHER perfect example.

Honestly, no one who is surfing in order to get through 12-20 sites and earn their daily money cares about your "Singapore Travel Guide" home page, or your Goji Juice or your Vacation Agency Service or whatever it is that hogs up the screen at the time. What they need to see is a big bold BENEFIT STATEMENT of some kind like, "Who Else Wants to Learn How People Are Making Huge Profits With FREE Blogs?! Because For a Limited Time Only My Book On How to PROFIT With FREE BLOGS is....FREE!"

That's it, something short and a signup form. Then they get on your mail list for future updates and can get right back to surfing. LATER...LATERRRR, since they are on your mailing list, you can follow up with your goji juice, your xango, your eGolf, or anything else you promote. But when they are IN the autosurf, just trying to earn their daily bread, anything more than a 1-page lead capture mini-site type promotion is going to go LARGELY unnoticed.


If you go back to the example I gave you here, you'll see that the moment you sign up there's an INSTANT ONE-TIME-ONLY UPSELL OFFER. A simple, low-priced offer that offers more help to those who have no idea about what to blog about. It contains 75 topics. Several days later, I offer a membership to Private Label Article Sites where you can get 10000s of articles and put your own name on them!! So you don't even have to write!

Are you getting this so far?

So for that to happen, you'd have to know how to set up a mini-site all on your own.

And GUESS WHAT?! I am genuinely not a fly-by-night marketer...I find THE BEST STUFF for my highly valued, trusting readers. Here's a site by a guy named Daniel Kelly. It's called "Mini Sites Made Easy" - MADE EASY! Say it again...MADE EASY.

What's REALLY cool about his service is not only is it THE BEST COURSE on how to create killer mini-sites from head to toe even if you are a total NEWBIE, but it's ALL on VIDEO so you get to SEE everything being done, step by step by step. And he explains it so well.


What's REALLLLY cool about it is that he is SO CONFIDENT in his product (as am I) that he will let you into the members area to view EVERYTHING for 2 Whole Weeks, that's 14 Days, for just...


Yes, that's not a typo. It's not an error. One dollar and you can see every last step by step killer video he offers on how to create top notch, first-class, perfect mini sites...and for a whole two weeks! That's plenty of time to decide whether or not it can propel you into the WIN column for some big profits. So here's his site....

But wait, I'm not done with you yet!

Building a proper lead capture mini-site doesn't happen overnight. So it'll take you a little while to learn the skill but get it through your skull that it's IMPORTANT. I make multiple sales EVERY DAY from autosurf and get dozens of signups, and more, and the extra $100-$250 each day is a godsend. Don't you want that?

So you're going to need something to actually sell.'s my wisdom going to work for don't want something that EVERYONE ELSE will be selling (Unless its a service. I'll explain in a minute.) The best THING (not a service) you can be SELLING is something that has what are called, "PRIVATE LABEL RESALE RIGHTS". In short, that means you are given permission to take the products in question and to put your name on them. YES, you can say they are YOURS that YOU made them. You can even have different graphics made up for the stuff, whatever you want...keep it simple, or if you like, get complex. Either way is fine but it's important to know that the choices is YOURS.
I'm going to show you just such a PERFECT PRODUCT with Private Label Resale Rights in a moment. But first...a word about selling a service.
It's ok to sell a service that a lot of others are selling if it's a service that everyone can use because services have a different FEEL to them than info products. But no matter what you sell, the BEST RESULTS are obtained with the SMALL LEAD CAPTURE PAGE that kicks off the mini-site.

So, in closing, I'm going to point you to every single resource you need to make some BIG*SS PROFITS whether you use autosurf, manual traffic exchanges, or just want to make a go at internet marketing in general. And once you take advantage of what were once MY private resources, you WILL thank me later! Just wait and see!
Here they are:
(This points to my other blog where you will find a very short article and a valuable COUPON that gets you a PERMANENT discount to a top-notch, first class, monthly service!) and lastly,

So there you go...a LESSON...a Private Label Resale Rights Monthly Products Membership and a Service that makes you $500/day. Now you can see that when given so many things to start profiting from handsomely, the only one holding you back is you...! So go get it! Start earning some big bucks like me and others who use this stuff!
Good luck and God Bless,
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