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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PHOENIX SURF Compared To 12DailyPRO!

With 12DailyPRO and Stormpay having landed in the jaws of the SEC, a sizeable 350,000 paid to surf fanatics are cautiously looking for other autosurfs in which they can begin to recoup some of their losses. Phoenix Surf, it seems, is shaping up to be one very fine place to do just that.

(If you're the kind of person who wants to learn, but has trouble READING, or reading a lot, then just CLICK HERE and you can watch a really nice movie about Phoenix Surf plus get all the step by step instructions you need to get started right away. You can even use this to help YOU get referrals for yourself!)

First, it's very important to remember that not everyone lost money in 12DailyPRO. Mainly those who got in towards the end took the brunt of the crash so that many of those who HAD won SOMETHING weren't as turned off to auto surf as one might want to believe. Instead, many were like, "Alright, so what's next?" while those who had lost began searching for forums and blogs on which to air their gripes AND stay abreast of 12DailyPRO vs. Stormpay current events. Hence, the 12DailyPRO Madness Blog.

To cut to the chase, one of the new players to the scene, Phoenix Surf, began to emerge as THE ANSWER to the recent spate of woes in the autosurf industry. Their ULTIMATE SELLING PROPOSITION includes their best effort to remain transparent and professional. While they've yet to release an official document of proof, they claim that they have obtained a legal team which has recently approved their business plan as LEGAL.

Phoenix Surf ALSO changed over to MANUAL surfing. "Boohoo!" some people might respond. But that's just fine, actually. In fact, it's a blessing. As far as the government (SEC) is concerned, auto surf advertising is *questionable* advertising since a person could easily click to surf and then walk away. Not so with manual surf. With manual surf, the viewer must click to continue after each showing of an ad. Those who are ambitious and motivated realize that the daily requirement of 15 ad views at 15 seconds each amounts to about 4.5 minutes stuck at the computer is no BIG DEAL! It also ensures any site you advertise has a better chance of being seen (and therefore, more likely visited). That alone is enough to excite me.

Below, I've created a chart comparing 12DailyPRO to Phoenix Surf. Clearly Phoenix Surf is the winner. And by today's standards, Phoenix Surf is quite awesome...and for more than obvious reasons which I shall explain shortly. But first, here's the comparison:

(you may use this picture on your own autosurf related site
if you leave it exactly as is, please. Thank you.)

Ok, now let's face facts. That PARTY IS OVER. 12DailyPRO was a freak of autosurf nature and, having become, in essence, a "small country" ready to declare its independence, Stormpay pulled the plug.

So while 12% over 12 days and 12% referral commissions WERE the rage, Phoenix Surf now sets the standard for LONGEVITY. Any autosurf with an eye for survival has begun the arduous task of implementing strategies that would keep governing institutions, such as the SEC, from bringing things to a halt. Phoenix Surf seems to be leading the charge in this area. By changing over to MANUAL surf, they allegedly make their advertising sales more legitimate in the eyes of the SEC and it only requires 4.5 minutes for people like you and me to complete. And by switching to a 15% over 8 days model, they increase their level of sustainability SIGNIFICANTLY.

So we can't just click "Surf" then walk away, but so what? To earn 15% on our money each day for 4.5 minutes of viewing ads is still amazing.


Also, Phoenix Surf offers a FAST TRACK payment option that reads like this:

"Fast Track Payment Option
a. Under the Fast Track Payment Option, the User may choose in advance to have the payment expedited within 48 hours of expiration of the Upgrade Package.
b. Under the Fast Track Payment Option, there is a fee deducted from the payment of 5%, which shall be deducted prior to payment automatically."

My first reaction was "Oh no, not another FEE!" but then I did some math and realized how this meant EXTRA MONEY for you and me! Like 12DailyPRO, Phoenix Surf has a cash out PENDING period of around 7 days. That's 7 days waiting time while our money does nothing.

But if one pays the 5% FAST TRACK fee to get their earnings back within 48 hours of cycle's end THEN she can begin earning her 15% per day again MUCH sooner than if she waited. The only other alternative is to WAIT the 7 days to receive your earnings, BUT to upgrade with MORE money at cycle's end. And since most of us do not want to risk MORE money, the FAST TRACK option, for a mere one time payment of 5% becomes a very attractive option.

Click Here to have a look.

Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, regarding REFERRAL COMMISSIONS. They don't seem like a lot in the beginning but they DO add up. I've spoken to a LOT of people who don't even THINK of getting referrals. But why? Well, they did think about it, but not for long, because, as I, a web marketer of 3 years know that explaining everything to 100s of people OVER and OVER and OVER is just way too overwhelming. It's just much easier to put our money in, surf and collect our earnings, and MAYBE we'll introduce a friend or two later on.

Well, I know a guy who has SOLVED that problem for us ALL. He has created a MARKETING MACHINE that begins with a short movie about Phoenix Surf and explains EVERYTHING to your potential referrals. It is a GREAT TOOL and just the kind of thing that helps automate the process for you. It literally takes your potential referrals BY THE HAND and leads them through every step including how to open an eGold account, how to fund it, and how to signup for Phoenix Surf and so on.

(First small one, but banged in more after)

This is something that ANYONE who wants to make a LOT MORE MONEY would be crazy to overlook. You can see it RIGHT HERE.

Alright, I hope this helps you feel more confident. In particular, if you lost money with 12DailyPRO, as have I ($6k), then I hope this helps you feel more confident on your way to recovering your losses. Phoenix Surf is very professional and seems DETERMINED to be here and paying out for the long haul.

Click the Picture and Watch the Short Movie...!

Sam Freedom
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Anonymous said...


One ponzi goes under and the next dozen pop up and of course their legal because the numbers look different... Well, good luck with that then.

Sam Freedom said...

No one knows if the first one was illegal yet or not, but good sense would say it was.

When the max earnings per month go from $6,600 for 12DailyPRO down to $4,650 for Phoenix Surf, AND Phoenix Surf, which is run by NME does openly earn from multiple sources of income, AND they go manual so you actually have to spend 4.5 minutes at your computer to view have a greater level of compliance with what the SEC wants than ever before.

There's more to it. And none of this means it's 100% legit or going to last for years. It only means that if some of those 350,000 former 12DailyPRO members are dead set on going another round in the autosurf industry, Phoenix Surf looks like a lot better choice than almost any other I've seen.

I think it's fair to report on that since a lot of people have already made up their mind to get back in somewhere.

Gaby de Wilde said...

yeah, lets learn as we go shall we. :-)

Anonymous said...

Alot of 12daily pro members have migrated and have not looked back joining this opportunity its working so good they are completely forgetting hyip/surf scene. Being a powerseller on ebay having made over $100,000 in real estate within a year and half this program will be paying of my home with my determination to succeed.

Being in several hyip and surf programs over 8 months Im not pleased to report all have shut down. If your tired of risking your money and want passive income for life You do not want to miss this opportunity, once your in you'll discover why.I will be there every step of the way to help.

Cynthia Herman

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Sam ...

Knowing you personally, I know you
always attempt to provide good info
that is legit and profitable.

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